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The Offering of Spirit Support Ritualist uses Channeling Magic build that the Hero AI is capable of coping with and managing effectively to provide a versatile support character that can assist physical characters with single target spikes and AoE damage buffs, and utilize secondary attributes to relieve pressure through cheap party heals and weapon spells or using spirits to provide moderate protection.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=ritua/secon channe=12+1+1 restor=12+2 spawni=3][offering of spirit][splinter weapon][ancestor's rage][bloodsong][optional][optional][optional][Death Pact Signet][/build]

Optional Optional slots for one of the following (invest 8 points in Spawning Power);



  • Full Survivor's Insignias. A rune of superior vigor.
  • A weapon of fortitude with +5 energy. A HCT/HRT channeling set for casting weapon spells. A Focus of Fortitude. A +10 armour shield of fortitude for every type of damage.
  • 40/40 channeling set.
  • Keep energy above 45. The Hourglass Staff is perfect.
  • Template code: Pk5hUNz6TjGNpKSF/MF5pm/MFpnoFNFpp6+MFZYd/MFZYB


  • Maintain Splinter Weapon on your frontliners; Disable splinter vs. strong single targets.
  • Use Ancestor's Rage for spike assistance, or general damage.
  • Use Offering of Spirit for energy management.
  • The hero will do the rest.
  • Place Life in a strategic position allowing for a large AoE heal when it ends.
  • Use Mend Body and Soul for a general heal and condition removal.
  • Use Weapon of Warding to relieve physical pressure.
  • Use Flesh of My Flesh as a hard resurrect.
  • Make sure Shelter and Union are available for bosses.
  • Try to hex with Mark of Pain in the middle of the mob and call it.
  • Use Barbs vs. single enemies/bosses; Disable Barbs vs. mobs.


  • Standard caster counters, including hex removal, interrupts or skill disabling.
  • Large AoE damage which annihilates the spirits and stops Offering of Spirit.



  • This build can do more AoE damage than most elementalists if it's used properly

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