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Template:Build archive The Fever Strike is an Assassin duo meant to be played together in Alliance Battles. This lone pair of Assassins can cap every shrine, as well as inflict mass conditions on everyone in an area, which is useful for mob confrontations. It is also capable of killing a primary target.

Fevered Dreams Assassin

<pvxbig> [build name="fs1" prof=assas/mesme dagger=12+1+2 critic=10+1 shadow=8+1 illusi=2][shadow walk][fevered dreams][black mantis thrust][black lotus strike][black spider strike][twisting fangs][feigned neutrality][deadly paradox][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Armor: Radiant Insignias.
  • Weapon: Zealous Daggers of Fortitude, 15% DMG Vs Hexed Foes.
  • Combo: Target must be hexed. Black Mantis Thrust --> Black Lotus Strike --> Black Spider Strike --> Twisting Fangs. This combo is flexible, and it may be advisable to first use Black Spider Strike --> Twisting Fangs --> Black Lotus Strike --> Black Mantis Thrust if you’re afraid the target might die before the combo is finished. This will allow Fevered Dreams to instantly spread Poison, Bleeding, and Deep Wound. The combo is very flexible, requiring only Twisting Fangs to follow either Black Lotus Strike or Black Spider Strike.

Temple Strike Assassin

<pvxbig> [build name="fs2" prof=assas/any dagger=12+1+2 critic=10+1 shadow=8+1][shadow walk][shadowy burden][unsuspecting strike][temple strike][death blossom][black lotus strike][feigned neutrality][deadly paradox][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Armor: Radiant Insignias.
  • Weapon: Zealous Daggers of Fortitude, +5 Energy.
  • Combo: Target must be hexed for Black Lotus. Unsuspecting Strike --> Temple Strike --> Death Blossom --> Black Lotus Strike --> Death Blossom. Due to Death Blossom’s two second recharge, and Black Lotus Strike only needing to hit a hexed target as a qualifier, you can use the dual attack twice in rapid succession. This results in 180 DMG to both the target and everyone adjacent. While Temple Strike is recharging, you are still capable of using Unsuspecting Strike --> Black Lotus Strike --> Death Blossom. If you're concerned about the inital energy investment at the start of the combo to use a Temple Strike, but don't have a full energy bar, you can do Black Lotus Strike strike first, to pay for Unsuspecting Strike and Temple Strike.


Temple Strike Assassin Var 2

<pvxbig> [build name="fs3" prof=assas/any dagger=12+1+2 critic=10+1 shadow=8+1][shadow walk][unsuspecting strike][temple strike][death blossom][leaping mantis sting][wild strike][feigned neutrality][deadly paradox][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Armor: Radiant Insignias.
  • Weapon: Zealous Daggers of Fortitude, +5 Energy.
  • Combo: Unsuspecting Strike --> Temple Strike --> Death Blossom (can stop here or continue with)--> Leaping Mantis Sting --> Wild Strike --> Death Blossom (can stop here or continue with --> Unsuspecting Strike OR Leaping Mantis Sting --> Wild Strike --> Death Blossom (etc.) This variant is more low energy oriented and flexible in spamming attacks (once everyone is suffering from multiple conditions and deepwound, this is useful for mowing down players), while still carrying along an anti-kite cripple in case it has to engage in solo play. However, if you are less concerned with pure DPS during battle and more about a damage to energy ratio, try replacing Wild Strike with Jungle Strike.

Shrine Capping

These two Assassins can cap every shrine without fear of death, if done properly. First, the Fevered Dreams Assassin will call out a target, and use Fevered Dreams on said target. Then, both Assassins Shadow Walk to the NPC. If two NPCS are present, it does not matter who is called out. If three NPCS are present, the target should be the middle one. This will ensue that Death Blossom will hit the two NPCS on the sides. Then, when the middle NPC drops, both Assassins attack opposing targets to keep them from casting while dazed. On the warrior shrine, this is done differently. The Assassins will have 10 seconds of blind to allow them to concentrate damage, overwhelming one Warrior at a time. If one of the Assassins begins to take too much damage, activate Deadly Paradox to cancel Shadow Walk’s stance, teleporting you to safety. Then take advantage of the shortened recharge time to cast Feigned Neutrality.

PvP Tactics

  • The Fevered Dreams Assassin should select primary targets. The consideration of primary targets and how to deal with them are as follows in order of priority:
  1. Healers: Dedicated healers should be wiped out first. If the Monk is using Guardian on themself, or a defensive stance, wait till the Monk recasts Guardian. Quickly cast Fevered Dreams on a foe standing near the Monk, then hit this target hard. The Monk will also receive the plethora of conditions in the process. Then switch over and proceed to pound on the Monk to interrupt his heals while dazed, until dead. This tactic can be used on well trained Monks, once you come across them, a general rarity in AB. To avoid the problem of hex removal, be sure to wait till the Temple Strike sin is already on the monk. The TS Sin will withold using Temple Strike until Fevered Dreams is applied, being sure to daze and keep the monk from removing it.
  2. Minion Masters: Killing a Minion Master with a considerable number of minions can throw a whole mob out of whack with the masterless undead. The Assassins will normally have the damage to do this, but things like Infuse Condition and Dark Bond can cause problems. Dark Bond can usually be beaten through sheer damage, but the target needs to remain dazed to ensure they can't heal. The Sins may also incur heavy damage by doing this, but Shadow Walk should ensure a quick entry and escape to survive.
  3. Necromancers, Mesmers, Air Elementalists, Water Elementalists: Due to their equipped anti-melee hexes (and blind in the case of Air Elementalists) taking these out first is suggested.
  4. High damage squishy players: This means other Assassins and Elementalists.
  5. The location of the target in relation to other characters. Going for a target that is in the middle of a mob of players will ensue that the whole mob is crippled, bleeding, poisoned, blinded, dazed, and suffering from a deep wound.
  • Chasing targets can be done by first using either Fevered Dreams or Shadowy Burden. In either case, use Shadow Walk --> Black Mantis Thrust to cripple the target; however Shadow Walk can be avoided on Shadowy Burden.
  • Tag Teaming is an important tactic that can be used to deal with multiple players and to mitigate damage. If one of the Assassins is taking much damage, they can start to run away from the point where Shadow Walk was used while the other Assassin beats up on the chasing enemy. Once the injured Assassin reaches a threshold, they can use Deadly Paradox and shadow step back. The other Assassin will start to be the target of damage. This sin can fight it out longer until s/he starts taking too much damage, and then Deadly Paradox. While this is going on, the first sin that retreated is healed up by now, and can Shadow Walk back in to fight a second time. This is a repeatable skirmishing effect, which can be utilized to slow down a larger force or a single target if both Sins have taken too much damage. It can also allow one of the Sins to survive if targeted by a Shadow Prison |Burst Assassin. Said targeted Assassin should teleport away by targeting another foe and using Shadow Walk, while the non-targeted Assassin kills the Shadow Burster. If no other foes exist to be targeted, just turtling with Feigned Neutrality while the other Assassin kills is suggested.
  • Stances, enchantments, and other abilities that block an Assassins combo can be overcome by attacking some other foe standing nearby, for example a NPC. This will ensure that the high priority target is still inflicted with the seven conditions.
  • Solo play is possible while separated, but it is highly suggested both Assassins stay together. Accidental deaths will happen and separate players, so both Asassins are built to be able to operate alone as well. Both can still snare and hex to allow their full combos. This is not the case with the Temple Strike sin var 2, which can still snare, but doesn't need to hex.

Team Selection

These two Assassins can operate just fine by themselves. However, when selecting a team to play it doesn’t hurt to have a primary healer or a nuker. The nuker will have an easier time with the area-wide cripple.

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