{{build update|20080710|July 10th, 200

  • SoC to make your Ghostly uninterruptable with Claim Resource.
  • Warmonger's to Apply some pressure on casters.
  • Splinter(If you brought it) on the Dervs without Warmongers to destroy groups with a Scythe's amazing effect.
  • WoW on your Ghostly and Monks to relieve physical pressure.
  • Death Pact ONLY on Monks.

Monk Backline

<pvxbig> [build prof=monk/mesme protec=12+1+1 divine=11+1 insp=6][restore condition][spirit bond][reversal of fortune][guardian][shield of absorption][holy veil][aura of stability][channeling][/build]

  • Equip:
    • 40/40 Protection Set.
    • High Energy Set.
    • Defensive Sets.


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