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This is an up-to-date 12 member deep group focused on completing the elite mission The Deep quickly, in Hard Mode.


This party consists of:

  • 2 Warrior-icon-small/Assassin-icon-small Shadow Meld Warriors
  • 4 Mesmer-icon-small/Asterisk CoP Spiker
  • 2 Monk-icon-small/Elementalist-icon-small Healer's Boon Monks
  • 1 Monk-icon-small/Mesmer-icon-small Healing Hands Monk
  • 2 Necromancer-icon-small/Mesmer-icon-small SS Necromancer
  • 1 Necromancer-icon-small/Asterisk BiP Necromancer


W/A Shadow Meld Warriors

<pvxbig> [build name="Deep Cryway Warrior" prof=warri/assas streng=12+1 tactic=12+1+1][you move like a dwarf][defensive stance][disciplined stance][i am unstoppable][dolyak signet][signet of stamina][deaths charge][shadow meld][/build]


  • Weapon: an icy weapon to trigger [[Spinal Shivers@16] on Kanaxai.
  • Armor - Stalwarts or Knights insignia. Sentinel's insignia armor is helpful for any area with Outcast.


Me/Any CoP Spiker

<pvxbig> [build name="Deep Cryway CoP Spiker" prof=mesme/any illu=12+3+1 fast=12+1][signet of illusions][arcane echo][cry of pain][ether nightmare][empathy@16][wandering eye][optional][auspicious incantation@16][/build]


  • Optional slot for [[Meteor Shower@16], [[Deep Freeze@16] or [[Flesh of my Flesh@16]. One of each is required in each team. Usually, 2 MS, 1 DF and 1 flesh is taken.
  • Replace [[Arcane Echo] or [[Wandering Eye@16] with [[You Move Like A Dwarf@0] for additional knockdown.
  • If you're a Luxon then this is the correct code: OQBCAcskQ1SgNYnnGACIAgoD


Mo/E Heal Party Monk

<pvxbig> [build name="Deep Cryway HB Monk" prof=monk/eleme healin=12+3+1 divine=12+1][orison of healing][heal party][seed of life][healing seed][optional][Glyph of Lesser Energy][healer's boon][rebirth][/build]


  • Optional slot for [[Cure Hex@16], [[Ethereal Light@16], [[Heal Other@16], [[Infuse Health@16]
  • If high Sunspear rank, take Cry of Pain for extra damage.


Mo/Me Healing Hands Monk

<pvxbig> [build name="Deep Cryway HH Monk" prof=monk/mesme healin=12+3+1 divine=9+1 prote=9+1][healing hands][seed of life][healing seed][orison of healing][protective spirit][heal party][arcane mimicry][rebirth][/build]


  • Replace [[Arcane Mimicry] with [[Cry of Pain] if high Sunspear Rank.


N/Me SS Necromancer

<pvxbig> [build name="Deep Cryway SS Necromancer" prof=necro/mesme curses=12+1+3 soulre=9+1 deathm=5 inspir=7][arcane echo][spiteful spirit][cry of pain][you move like a dwarf][verata's gaze][spinal shivers][inspired enchantment][arcane mimicry][/build]


  • One SS can replace [[Inspired Enchantment@7] with [[Insidious Parasite@16] for a quicker way to kill Aspects.
  • Replace [[Inspired Enchantment@7] with its Factions duplicate, [[Revealed Enchantment@7]
  • Replace [[Spinal Shivers@16] with its Factions duplicate, [[Shivers of Dread@16]


N/Any BiP Necromancer

<pvxbig> [build name="Deep cryway SS BiP" prof=necro/monk bloodm=9+1+3 soulre=10+1 deathm=5][masochism][blood is power][well of blood][blood renewal][verata's gaze][optional][optional][optional][/build]


  • Weapon: +20% enchantment weapon
  • Armor: Low HP armor can be useful (and is required for the rooms at the start) to help with sacrifice costs but cannot be used for all rooms.


  • For Monk secondary, put 8 in Healing Prayers and take [[Mending@8], [[Healing Breeze@8] and [[Rebirth@0]
  • For Dervish secondary, put 8 in Earth Prayers and take [[Faithful Intervention@0], [[Mystic Regeneration@8] and [[Sunspear Rebirth Signet]
  • For Paragon secondary, put 12 in Motivation and take [[Signet of Return@0], [[Song of Power@12] and [["Aria of Zeal@12]
  • Alternatively, for Paragon secondary, put 12 in Command and take [[Fall Back@12], [[Never Surrender@12] and [[Signet of Return@0]



Division of labor, the first 5 rooms

This section describes the division and methodology for the first two rooms.

At the start, SS must sacrifice themselves before entering the portal (this can be done quickly by using Arcane Mimicry on the BiP). Monks cast Rebirth near the portal and run into the portal as soon as they have cast, the Necromancer will be transported into the room.

Room and Aspect Membership Assigned
Room 1
Aspect of Soothing
  • Warrior-icon-smallWarrior
  • Mesmer-icon-smallCoP Mesmer
  • Necromancer-icon-smallSS Necromancer
  • Monk-icon-smallHB Monk
Room 2
Aspect of Death
  • Warrior-icon-smallWarrior
  • Mesmer-icon-smallCoP Mesmer
  • Necromancer-icon-smallSS Necromancer
  • Monk-icon-smallHB Monk
Room 3
Aspect of Surrender
  • Mesmer-icon-smallCoP Mesmer
  • Mesmer-icon-smallCoP Mesmer
  • Necromancer-icon-smallBiP Necromancer
  • Monk-icon-smallHH monk

General Advice

The Darkened Irukandji and the Spirit of Restoration they bind are particularly troublesome in these rooms. Interrupt Restoration with "You Move like a Dwarf!"

Room 1, Aspect of Soothing

Warrior Death's Charge towards the Darkened Irukandji, making sure everything (including Kanaxai's Aspect) is aggroed. SS Necromancer cast SS on the Aspect only. Do not use Meteor Shower

Room 2, Aspect of Death

Warrior and SS Necromancer do the same as Room 1. Make sure the CoP Spiker Mesmer does not use AoE hexes on the Aspect, or hexes on any foes other than Kanaxai's Aspect, otherwise SS will be stripped. Do not use Meteor Shower

Room 3, Aspect of Surrender

All party members in this room should move to the extended platform to the rear of this room. The BiP should make about 200hp, pull and tank the Ripper Carps (being kept alive by Protection Spirit and at least 1 of the three seeds). Once they have been killed, move onto the Aspect.

Room 5, Aspect of Pain

Once clear, one group should pull all out this room and into the recently cleared room - teammates from other rooms can run into the room they have been pulled into. To kill Kanaxai Aspect of Pain, SS necromancers should cast SS and a CoP Spiker cast Empathy. All Aspects need a knockdown at 75%, 50% and 25% health. This is the method for killing all Aspects.

For this Aspect in particular, pull him towards a Blessed Manta, so SS kills the manta also. SS necromancers should also use Spinal Shivers on the Blessed Mantas. Once the larger center room is cleared, the gates into the prior room will open (helpful if one team dies).

Room 6, Aspect of Lethargy

One warrior should line up at the gate to the next room, and block the entrance. Casters should stand to the left, clear of the warrior wall.

One warrior should cast Shadow Meld on a nearby Ally, and proceed into the room and disable the fire flower. Once the flower has been disabled, the warrior should aggro as much of the room as possible, and run back through the wall to the casters, pulling all the Leviathan Minds to the wall. Release Shadow Meld if your health drops below 25%, or the room is aggro'd early. Monks should cast heal party as much as possible to heal the warrior while he is gathering aggro. The BiP Necromancer should constantly cast Blood is Power on all monks in turn to counter the cost of heal party.

Once the Leviathans are assembled, warriors should body block, using whatever defensive skills they can, as all casters cast their damage spells. Once the assembled leviathans are defeated, proceed into the room and clear any remaining foes, then use the same tactic from above to eliminate the Aspect.

All Shadow Meld warriors should cast Shadow Meld while standing near the gate, 3 other players with Arcane Mimicry (CoP Spiker, SS or HH monk - whoever is faster) should cast Mimicry on the warriors and then cast Shadow Meld as the warriors did - these 5 players should stand on the gate pads. The remaining party should proceed through the now open gate. One player inside the gate should countdown and the 5 players outside the gate all release Shadow Meld at once and run through the gate before it closes.

Room 7, Aspect of Depletion

Everyone who hasn't used Shadow meld should start killing the closest group of Outcast (they can be reached through the gate) while the melders get in place. Once everyone is in the room, one warrior should Death's Charge to the next group of outcast. The other warrior should run in and aggro the Aspect as soon as possible (longbow), then run back and kill him back at the start of the room; try not to aggro the group of outcast on the left as they will run all the way round. Once the aspect is dead, one tank should aggro all remaining Outcast. This will cause the Outcast to run round to the rear gate and then forwards toward the tank that did the aggro. This tank should then run back to the casters, while the other tank runs up next to the Jade wall on the left to wall the Outcast that are being pulled. If all goes well, the Outcast will be pulled into one ball and can all be killed at once. SS use Vetara's Gaze on any Flesh Golems left over.

Room 8, Aspect of Failure

One tank should stand in the doorway and all casters behind them and to the left. The other tank should run down to the room, aggro all three groups of Outcast that are running around (to check, there is 1 Outcast Ritualist per group) and run back to the casters. Once they are dead, everyone is to run across the room. One tank should stand under the closest group of Outcast Raiders, so that they have aggro but not get hit. Everyone else should run past and hide in the corner between the two sets of stairs where you are unaffected by the aspects.

Note: It is not necessary kill this Aspect to proceed.

Room 9, Aspect of Shadows

Once all casters are in the corner, one tank should stand at the top of the stairs on the left. The other tank should run around the circle anti-clockwise (to Leviathan then left, then follow the wall back down to the other tank), spawning 3 groups of Oni and pulling 2 them towards the Warrior wall. Once these Oni are dead, one tank runs along the left of the room and Death's Charge to the next group of Oni, which you should have spawned during the last pull but will have lost aggro. Run along until the next group spawn then run back for a second and tank them. Once they are dead, one tank should aggro and tank the Kanaxai Aspect of Shadows until it dies.

All casters stay in this corner while one warrior pulls the two additional Oni groups along the edge of the room.

Room 10, Scorpion Aspect

One warrior wall at the top of the stairs (near the left wall) casters should stand behind the corner. Do not kill the Reborn Irukandji, as it respawns. The other warrior should run down, past the Outcast, to the right corner of the section to the right. Aggro as many Oni as possible - running in circles while aggroing helps avoiding getting stuck (monks should spam Heal Party to keep the tank alive). Once all Oni have been aggroed, use "I Am Unstoppable!" and run past the group of Outcast, up to the warrior wall. If all Onis have been killed the gate at the end of the room will have opened (you can see the top of the gate from the stairs).

Proceed by following the left wall all the way to Kanaxai (but do not get too close to Kanaxai's Aspect), killing the groups of Outcast in your path. One warrior should Death's Charge the Aspect and pull him forwards, out of the area effected by the Aspect. The casters then run through and kill the Aspect. Do NOT go too deep into the next room or you will trigger the spawns for the next room.

Room 11, Aspect of Fear

All party members should run as a group into the room to the bottom of the first set of stairs. Both warriors should wall at the top of the stairs. Casters should eliminate the nightmares and Oni without standing on the stairs, there should be six groups.

Proceed along this room, letting one tank pull at the end of each bridge (make sure casters and other tank stay back to avoid taking aggro). Once each group has settled aggro on the warrior, one CoP Spiker should use Deep Freeze to stop the Oni splitting and to let everyone else know it is safe to attack. The last pull includes Kanaxai's Aspect, it is vital the SS Necromancer casts SS on the Aspect.

Room 12, Aspect of Depletion

All casters and one tank should stand against the right wall. The other tank should run down and around until they have aggroed all Sapping Nightmares. It is advised that the tank tries to use up most their energy before the pull as the Nightmare use Energy Drain. When running up to the casters, this tank should run along close to the right wall. There should only be a 1 tank wall here as it is far easier to heal.

Important: To prevent the Nightmares from casting Chaos Storm, wands and staffs must be unequipped as the AI uses the character's weapon to decide what spells to use.

Note: It is not necessary to kill this aspect to proceed.

Room 13, Aspect of Decay

Here, one warrior should cast Shadow Meld, run in range of Kanaxai's Aspect and use Death's Charge which will transport the warrior towards the Aspect. The warrior should then proceed to pull the Aspect towards the rear wall of the room and then release Shadow Meld. This will spawn the three Oni groups and causes them to run to the rear of the room.

Meanwhile, the other warrior should group the 6 closest Oni. Once aggro has settled on this warrior, use Deep Freeze again to prevent the group from splitting. From here, the group can proceed either left or right.

It is not necessary to kill this aspect to proceed.

Room 14, Aspect of Torment

In this room pop up groups are common (towards the left there are Nightmares and right Onis). Casters should stay well back while a warrior aggros two of these groups at once. This should be repeated 3 times until the final pull where a tank should pull Kanaxai's Aspect into the group of Outcast. Make sure the SS Necromancer casts SS on the Aspect.

NOTE: As with the previous rooms, to prevent the Nightmares from casting Chaos Storm, wands and staffs must be unequipped as the AI uses the character's weapon to decide what spells to use.

Kanaxai's Chamber

To spawn all of the Nightmares, Kanaxai needs to be knocked down twice before the group starts to attack him. This can be done by anyone with Shadow Meld (or Arcane Mimicry) and "You Move Like A Dwarf!" but is conventionally done with both warriors.

Two people cast Shadow Meld at the entrance of the room and decide which will be first and second knockdown. From here, they should pull Kanaxai towards the far left side of the room. Once in place, the first should use "You Move Like A Dwarf!" then as soon as Kanaxai has stood up again the second must use "You Move Like A Dwarf!" (note: monsters are immune to knockdowns while being already knocked down so don't use it too early!). The Sapping Nightmares which have been spawn will use Feedback and the two warriors will be taken back to their original positions. If you fail to spawn two groups of Nightmares then lure and kill the single mob and repeat the above process until you do. Do not kill any nightmares once both groups have been spawned.

Everyone should proceed into the room to the opposite side (right) and prepare to assault Kanaxai. Warriors should pull and surround Kanaxai, attacking him with icy weapons. One SS should concentrate on maintaining Spinal Shivers on Kanaxai while the other uses Spiteful Spirit. One CoP Mesmer should also make sure Empathy is maintained on Kanaxai. Should he manage to cast Nightmare Refuge the SS should remove this with Inspired Enchantment. The BiP should concentrate on keeping the Monks' and SS's energy up and Monks should be repeatedly casting heal party.

Once Kanaxai is dead (and before going for the chest!) the sappings must be killed. All casters stay where they are while one of the warriors runs counter-clockwise around the center wall, aggroing all Nightmares. Once the tank has stopped moving, it's killing time! Go collect your reward from Kanaxai's Chest.


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