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Magnetic Soldier is a Warrior Elementalist build, used to solo farm areas with physical damage dealing creatures. While this build was originally designed for Griffon farming, it can be used to farm Trolls, or as a sturdy tank for party play.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build name="Magnetic Soldier" prof=warri/eleme tactic=10+1+1 earthm=12 airmag=8][glyph of renewal][magnetic aura][whirlwind][aftershock][armor of earth][shield stance][bonettis defense][healing signet][/build] </pvxbig>



When engaging melee creatures, begin by using Glyph of Renewal then Magnetic Aura. This skill is your lifeline - every 15 seconds you will need to use both of these skills, so you must ensure that you have the required 10 energy every cycle. Also, take care in waiting for the Glyph to appear in your Skill stack; if you use Magnetic Aura first you'll have to wait out the 60-second cooldown, which could spell your doom.

Attack a creature to build Adrenaline. Your only adrenal skill is Bonetti's Defense, and when you use it in combination with Magnetic Aura you will avoid 93.75% of melee attacks, and gain 5 energy for each hit endured.

If you have aggroed too many creatures (your health seems to be dropping) and you haven't had time to build Adrenaline, use Shield Stance or, if Shield Stance is recharging, Armor of Earth.

You ought to be able to use your Healing Signet safely at any time, but it's safest to use it while you're in a stance (especially if you have aggroed 12 or more monsters).

Once you have been able to use Bonetti's Defense, your energy should be maxed and you can use Whirlwind and Aftershock. Rinse and repeat. Assuming that you can maintain Magnetic Aura, farming with this build should be very straight-forward.

When tanking monsters that interrupt, ensure you have Shield Stance or Bonetti's Defense up when you are casting, to help prevent interruption. If possible, use the Whirlwind/Aftershock combo to knockdown the attackers so that you can cast Glyph of Renewal and Magnetic Aura in peace.

Another skill that you could use are instead of Shield Stance is Sliver Armor to maximize damage output. Also in place of Healing Signet you can put a shout like "To the Limit!" or "For Great Justice!" to recharge Bonetti's Defense faster in order to spam Whirlwind / Aftershock combo.

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