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{{Archived-Build|date=2 August 2008|type1=GvG|type2=HA|type3=RA|type4=TA|type5=AB|reason1=Creation of an all-purpose Eviscerate Warrior page -}}
{{Archived-Build|date=2 August 2008|type1=GvG|type2=HA|type3=RA|type4=TA|type5=AB|reason1=Creation of an all-purpose Eviscerate Warrior page -}}

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The Shock Axe is a PvP-oriented Warrior/Elementalist build, focusing on adrenaline spikes and disruption through the Elementalist skill Shock.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=warri/eleme axemas=12+1+1 streng=12+1 airmag=3][eviscerate][body blow][disrupting chop][shock][bulls strike][frenzy][rush][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Zealous/Vampiric Axe of Fortitude
  • Ebon Axe of Fortitude
  • Furious Spear of Fortitude
  • -2/+30 Strength Shield (While in Stance)
  • +5 AR/+30 Strength Shield (Elemental; can swap depending)
  • -20% Crippled Duration Strength Shield of Fortitude
  • -20% Blind Duration Strength Shield of Fortitude
  • Example Template Code: Pk5hbOvjjkaikpW9rIhpI90QjpIRBhipITRhg5ODrxhpIJL


  • Stonefist Insignia Absolutely necessary.
  • Mostly Vitae suggested; some attune if you use Shock other than in conjunction with Bull's.
  • Some use Sentinel's on Chest (not suggested but possible).
  • Clarity/Restoration


  • Upon entering combat, carefully select a target and begin auto-attacking to build up adrenaline (Use a Furious Spear/Bow or a Wand to gain adrenaline when you can't get too close).
  • Knock Down moving foes with Bull's Strike.
  • Disrupt and knock down targets with Shock or create a knockdown-lock with Bull's Strike.
  • Spike targets with Eviscerate and Body Blow (or Executioner's Strike.)
  • Body Blow can also function as a second Deep Wound attack skill if your target is affected by Cracked Armor.
  • Use Frenzy to spike faster and/or increase the amount of pressure you're putting out.
  • Use Rush to chase kiting foes, cancel Frenzy, or as a simple movement speed buff.
  • Use Disrupting Chop at opportune moments to interrupt and disable skills (for example, use it as a Monk recovers from a knockdown).
  • Swap to appropriate weapon sets as necessary (Ebon when attacking another Warrior, etc.)
  • Resurrect allies when necessary.


  • Executioner's Strike can replace Body Blow for damage at a higher adrenaline cost with minimal gain in damage, at the cost of the loss of a second source of Deep Wound. Note that this is beneficial if speccing into another line attribute such as Tactics.
  • You can switch out Agonizing Chop for Disrupting Chop, Distracting Strike, or Grasping Earth (drop strength a little bit to accommodate the Earth spec).
  • Sprint can replace Rush.
  • Healing Signet or Lion's Comfort for a self-heal. If using Healing Signet, split the points between strength and tactics so it might be 10 strength, 8 tactics or 8 strength, 10 tactics.
  • Higher Axe mastery.

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