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The UW Whirlwind Solo warrior uses high powered AoE attack skill along with mesmer skills to reduce damage and drain energy to allow you to complete a smite run as fast as 9 minutes, being the fastest and most efficient smite run possible.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=warri/mesme axe=12+1+1 strength=9+1 illusion=9 inspiration=3][Echo][Whirlwind Attack][Lion's Comfort][Physical Resistance][Bonetti's Defense@0][Ancestor's Visage][Sympathetic Visage][Sprint][/build] </pvxbig>


Armor :

Weapons :


The Chamber

The Run

  • Once you have completed the quest, run along the right side to the open gate, being sure to break aggro with the three or four nearby Aatxes.
  • Echo Sprint for a constant IMS on the way to the smites.
  • To see how to get to the smites, see the build E/Me Terra Tank.

The Smites

  • Use the same techniques used above on the Grasping Darkness.
  • If a Smite Crawler casts Shield of Judgment stop using your AoE for about 15 seconds and keep reapplying your Visages.
  • Try to pull as many smites as possible, as you can kill 6 or you can kill 50 in the same amount of time. Watch out for Coldfires as they can kill you.
  • If a Dying Nightmare pops up kill it before it can pull your visages.


  • A Sunspear rank as low as 4 will have the same damage as cyclone axe. Any higher and the damage increases.
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