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This Paladin is designed for fast-pace PvE action and combines both high damage and powerful self-healing. In opposition to common Mending builds it is very economical concerning Energy. It has little to no downtime between fights and can also increase the self-healing of team mates. Both builds require Prophecies and the axe build requires Factions unless the Eviscerate variant is used (see Variations).

Attributes and Skills

Setup for Sword

<pvxbig> [build name='full vigor paladin' prof=warri/monk swords=12+1+1 healin=10 streng=8+1][sever artery][gash][galrath slash][final thrust][hundred blades][sprint][vigorous spirit][Resurrection Chant][/build] </pvxbig>

Alternate setup for Axe

<pvxbig> [build name='axe full vigor paladin' prof=warri/monk axemas=12+1+1 healin=10 streng=8+1][triple chop][cyclone axe][penetrating blow][executioners strike][dismember][sprint][vigorous spirit][Resurrection Chant][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Choose either a furious weapon haft for faster Adrenaline generation or a vampiric weapon haft to increase the inflicted damage. For the Axe version, a zealous mod is necessary to spam Cyclone Axe and Triple Chop. A Zealous mod for sword is also advisable if you think of taking Life Vicariously instead of Sprint, since it reduces your energy regeneration if you maintain it during a long fight.
  • Choose the best while enchanted gear available.
  • Wing's Axe or Sskai's Sword with an Exalted Aegis) (Strength) are good weapon sets to use.


  • Cast Vigorous Spirit on yourself (and team mates with high casting/attack rate) right before your party engages the enemy.
  • After casting Vigorous Spirit simply use each Skill when it becomes charged. Always be sure to use Sever Artery before using Gash. You should chain these skills.


  • Mobs which shatter enchantments temporarily disable the self-healing, but are no serious hindrance.
  • Blindness and evasion skills do not disable the effects of Vigorous Spirit.
  • This build is unsuitable for use in areas where many enemies are immune to bleeding.


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