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  • Various skill nerfs.

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This build is a warrior/necromancer designed to solo Grenth's Footprint and Sorrow's Furnace.

Attributes and skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=warri/necro streng=10+1 swords=11+3 tactic=10+1+1][healing signet][dolyak signet][grenths balance][bonettis defense][riposte][deadly riposte][final thrust][distracting blow][/build] </pvxbig>

Any interrupt may be used in place of Distracting Blow, such as Savage Slash. Any adrenaline damage skill may be used in place of Final Thrust, such as Galrath Slash.


Armor and Runes

The original author recommends Gladiator's Armor, with one piece of Knight's Armor for absorption, and a Tactics helm.

The following runes are required:

Weapons / Shield

The following equipment is required:

  • A max damage sword (15-22), ideally with the following modifications:
    • Damage +20%(while hexed)
    • Damage +20%(Versus Dwarves)
    • Damage +20%(Customized)
  • A shield with damage reduction, such as the shield available from Hagnon Warblade or from Lord Dorn Lendrigen.
  • Longbow, flatbow, or other very long range bow for pulling groups.


Grenth's Footprint

When targeting the first group, draw them back up to the Dwarven Prospector. The Prospector will heal you. After the first group, it is advisable to pull groups with your longbow.

In order for Grenth's Balance to work your health must be lower than the target foe's health. The original author recommends under 100 health before casting Grenth's Balance. Target Stone Summit Gnashers with Grenth's Balance first, as they can cast Life Siphon to heal themselves. After Grenth's Balance, activate Healing Signet and then Bonetti's Defense to avoid interruption by the carvers.

Take out the |Ice Golems, Stone Summit Carvers, and |Dolyaks first, followed by Stone Summit Rangers, with the Gnashers last. If you are facing groups with a Stone Summit Heretic in it, Use Grenth's Balance on it and kill it first. When facing Siege Ice Golems, don't cast Healing Signet while you are hexed with Rust. Rather, try to maintain health using Grenth's Balance until the hex wears off.

Heretics, |Rangers and Gnashers have strong health degeneration skills: Crippling Anguish, Conjure Phantasm, Bleeding, Life Siphon. Be prepared to heal often when facing these foes.

Inside Sorrow's Furnace

Be sure to accept one of the Sorrow's Furnace quests before entering, as the first area contains Stone Summit Taskmasters (Mesmers) who use interrupts and Dwarven warriors using Dwarven Battle Stance, to interrupt every time they hit. The Noble Intentions quest (part of To Sorrow's Furnace) is ideal.

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