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This build was designed to farm Destroyer Cores during Glint's Challenge by quickly destroying the first wave of attackers with Vengeful Was Khanhei.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=W/Rt Strength=10+1+2 Tactics=8+1 Restora=12][Vengeful was Khanhei][Weapon of Warding][Dolyak Signet]["I Will Avenge You"][Bonetti's Defense][Endure Pain][Air of Superiority][Signet of Stamina][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Sentinel's insignias on all armor pieces. Highest possible vigor rune, and 2 more runes of attunement.
  • A +5 energy/+30hp Axe/Sword, with a +30hp Shield with +10 Armor vs Piercing Damage (Such as Geoffer's Bulwark).
  • Being properly equipped is essential to this build. If you are not properly outfitted, you will not kill more than a few mobs.


  • Upon entering the mission, use Signet of Stamina. It will remain there until the end of the mission as long as you don't attack.
  • Position yourself between the north and east dwarves (see images on right).
Location in Mission

Location where you will stay the rest of the mission.

Location on Mission Map

Location on Mission Map.


  • A real change that could be made is Endure Pain, however this is a very handy back-up, especially if you are just learning the build.
  • If you dont have Air of superiority OR you have too low of an Asura Rank to make it really useful, you could replace it with Protector's Defense.


  • A run takes about 4-5 minutes.
  • Even if you die, you will still get the drop(s) in the "Unclaimed Items" screen after you return back to the Central Transfer Chamber.
  • Destroyer Cores (the main drop from this solo farm) are used to trade Collector Odon Scragglebeard, for a pair of Destroyer Gauntlets. You need 250 Destroyer Cores for the trade.
  • Besides Destroyer Cores, lots of dyes and weapons drop, and occasionally gold weapons and lockpicks.
  • If you are using a +30 sword/axe/shield, when you use VwK you will be wielding the ashes, so you forfeit that health. If you are at 30-60 health when using VwK you could die from losing the health from your weapons.
  • If you use Weapon of Warding and then use Bonetti's Defense directly after that, then Weapon of Warding will cancel Bonetti's because of the 1 second cast time.


  • If you don't time your skills right, you will probably die the first few times you try this build.
  • Large Lamentation spikes (usually more than 15) can easily overcome both Endure Pain and Signet of Stamina, especially while Vengeful Was Khanhei is recharging.


Solo Destroyer Core Farming. This Warrior uses "Shields Up!" instead of Protector's Defense and doesn't use Air of superiority.

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