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This build makes use of the synergy between Flourish, the two versions of Drunken Blow, Balanced Stance and the hammer attack Renewing Smash to avoid the downfalls of the two blows and inflict long-lasting conditions on foes. Flourish is a difficult skill to time, and this build is therefore not recommended for new players.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=warri/any streng=8+1 hammer=10+1 tactic=12+1+3][flourish][desperation blow][drunken blow][distracting blow][healing signet][renewing smash][balanced stance][sprint][/build] </pvxbig>

  • For suitable outlets for adrenaline, see Variants below.
  • Substitute a resurrect as required.


  • The standard melee counters apply, except for adrenaline-draining skills - this build does not rely on adrenaline to do its job.
  • Wild Blow and anything else that can take you out of Balanced Stance will ruin the synergy.
  • Stay away from anyone who can pass your inflicted conditions back to you.


The following can be considered for adrenaline outlets:

  • Sprint in the default skillbar is meant to synergise with Renewing Smash. It can be replaced with Rush.
  • Spam "Fear Me!" to deny foes energy.
  • Bring Hammer Bash to knock foes down. Losing all adrenaline is not an issue since it will be your only adrenal skill.
  • "Watch Yourself!" is an excellent armor buff for you and your party.

An extreme variant exists, using a Ranger primary and Warrior secondary. Expertise will make up for the lack of energy, and Flourish will be used solely to recharge skills and not for energy management. Replace Sprint with a ranger stance of your choice.


Assassins relying on critical strikes to do their damage function very poorly against this build because of the countering effect of Balanced Stance. In addition, you are also immune to knockdowns from Elementalist spells and other warriors.

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