Makes em all go boom. You like? Sorry cant kill boss :( --Glory 19:39, 20 December 2008 (EST)

Comments and ratings would be appreciated.--Glory 22:06, 20 December 2008 (EST)
Sand Shards causes scattering. Sorry, this is a horrible build. - Lord Xivor (contribs) 10:34, 21 December 2008 (EST)
You only hit them once before they die, no scatter possible. watch the video's first before commenting. 11:12, 21 December 2008 (EST)
Yeah watch the video and actually read the description before saying its a horrible build. They die in one hit.--Glory 11:15, 21 December 2008 (EST)
The video link is broken. --Ojamo (>.<(O=(- -Q) 11:17, 21 December 2008 (EST)
(EC) I think the idea is that there's what, 30 raptors, all using crit defenses. Veil of Thorns, AoS and Wary Stance all go up at start, so their ints are blocked, and rapidly charging Whirlwind Attack, so that, statistically, it'll only hit 7 or so Raptors. The other 23 all block, and that triggers Sand Shards 23 times instantaneously. I think it's brilliant. - GenericWikier1 Generic Wiki-er 11:18, 21 December 2008 (EST)
If the video link is broken, try clicking on the guru page, theres a link to it from there.--Glory 11:22, 21 December 2008 (EST)
Hmm thats odd its working now--Glory 11:23, 21 December 2008 (EST)
I fixed it, there shouldn't be a | before the title --Ojamo (>.<(O=(- -Q) 11:25, 21 December 2008 (EST)
Nice write-up! I particularly like the use of the word "kersplosion" :-) BTW, the video is back up now after copyright trubs. --Nechtan Thaumaturge 19:33, 16 January 2009 (EST)


On making a farming build that works and isn't generic farming crap. +1 --Frosty 16:10, 21 December 2008 (EST) ITS BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Apologies

I was proven wrong on the scattering, and I must say, I am now in awe of this build! - Lord Xivor (contribs) 20:52, 21 December 2008 (EST)

By Ural's Hammer

Dude, build looks awesome, but my dervish doesn't have "By Ural's Hammer" and I'm too lazy to finish eotn again. Can you replace it with anything?Shadow Form Assassin Of Fuz 22:57, 21 December 2008 (EST)

Sorry, but as far as I know, BUH isnt replacable. It's just about the only skill that boosts damage that isn't interruptable (for derv and war at least). That boosted damage is pretty much what makes this build work.--Glory 16:05, 22 December 2008 (EST)
Well, guess I have to do eotn again. It'll be worth it in the end though. :) Shadow Form Assassin Of Fuz 19:56, 22 December 2008 (EST)


to AoB, can you get by with using great dwarf armor or i am unstoppable as long as you use stances, or is the 33% ims important?--Relyk chtistmas2ChristmasRelyk 20:02, 22 December 2008 (EST)

The IMS is important for aggroing, otherwise all the raptors would hit you and not be able to chase you. I haven't tested with anything under +40 armor, but Ill get to it asap.--Glory 13:24, 23 December 2008 (EST)
Hey, It's been a while scince this comment was placed, but I wanna correct you.. it's doable with less armor, they'll hitt between 4-19 which is easy to cover with Mystic Regeneration (God, love that skill). Change, in this case, "To The Limit" for MR and it's doable.. Because you get enough adrenaline from Wary Stance. I did the run with a total armor of 325. With maxed armor and AoB that would be 390 or something (i was so noobish that I still had an armor piece with 5 armor on it), so the armor isn't a must. I have made some variants, which aren't quite working as well as the shard bomb, but I found out that you do need a speed buff if you're using Veil of Thorns. Paultjuh45 16:52, 26 March 2009 (UTC)
Armor bonuses only stack up to +40 from skills.--Darksyde 20:47, 19 May 2009 (UTC)
+25. --Ojmo 01:19, 20 May 2009 (UTC)

Other Areas?

Wracking my brain to find other areas this can farm. So far best I found was monks in RA. No seriously any other place worth mentioning? Kyhzna Faikun 15:12, 25 December 2008 (EST)

As far as I know, its limited to raptors, unless you can find a group of ~25 enemies that all spam blocking stances. I'm pretty sure none exist.--Glory 19:44, 27 December 2008 (EST)

Sorry for not loggin in but anyway we could self blind (sig of midnight) so you dont have to rely on the mob to do it? -- 03:29, 2 January 2009 (EST)

You need AoB for the IMS and extra armor, and why would you run out to farm random melee mobs with SoM? Raptors have high-quality drops, can be destroyed instantly, are 100% tankable, and are directly outside an outpost. That's why they're so popular. --ShazamTheSnake Shazam The Snake hissssssssssss 03:35, 2 January 2009 (EST)
That signet of midnight idea has been suggested, but you can't use whirlwind attack with that. Therefore it causes scatter and wouldnt kill instantly. If farming small mobs, knock yourself out.--Glory 22:14, 13 January 2009 (EST)

I haven't found any yet, either. The closest I have come is the opening mobs in the Secret Lair of the Snowmen -- one uses a blinding skill. You can get blinded pretty easily in the Tomb of Primeval Kings too, due to the Fingers of Chaos monster skill. The problem in both of these places, and generally, is staying alive long enough to group everything up. --Nechtan Thaumaturge 18:38, 16 January 2009 (EST)

Boss group variant

If you drop "To the Limit!" and add "You Move Like a Dwarf!" you can aggro the boss group and kill an extra 5-9 Nestlings (you still can't take the boss out though). The trick is to aggro the boss group and immediately run away while simultaneously using "You Move Like a Dwarf!" on Rekoff. She should momentarily lose aggro which allows you to break away, aggro the other groups, and get the kills before she can catch up again. Knock her down again to give yourself extra time to grab your drops. One note of warning, you don't have enough time to aggro every single Nestling usually; 29-31 is about the maximum. Finally, you need to have either a Crippling Scythe Snathe or a fairly high Norn rank to make this work well. --Nechtan Thaumaturge 19:33, 16 January 2009 (EST)

good play testing there.--IkimonoNeeds more ParagonMonk-Paragon-icon 18:36, 26 March 2009 (UTC)
It works, good job, finally a good replacement for "To the Limit!", you don't need that skill at all. And leechers finally wanna join me, because i can farm more raptors now, yoopie ^^. Paultjuh45 14:56, 31 March 2009 (UTC)


Maybe anet nerfed something, but this build craters instantly. I am instantly killed in the cave when they hit me.

Don't use Starter armor. Also, you're not supposed to aggro the Raptors, but rather the Hatchlings Nestlings. --- VipermagiSig -- (contribs) (talk) 20:50, 6 April 2009 (UTC)
lrn2sign, and viper means raptor nestlings. -- lyssan 20:51, 6 April 2009 (UTC)
Nestlings? What's that! (fixed my error) --- VipermagiSig -- (contribs) (talk) 20:52, 6 April 2009 (UTC)
Are you sure you're using it right? You have to cast AoB, veil of thorns, and sand shards BEFORE you enter the cave. Glory 23:57, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

Why cant this build kill broodmother?

in my opinion, if you gather the mob fast enough you could probably get the combo off before broodmother hits you. --SlyDucky 04:15, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

Look up in the discussion page. Someone's tested and found a way to Broodmother.--IkimonoNeeds more ParagonMonk-Paragon-icon 05:53, 14 April 2009 (UTC)
The big problem with actually *killing* the boss is that it has an inordinately large amount of hit points -- more than 1,000 in fact. So, even with a perfect run, you're going to come up short on the spike. If you just want to kill the extra Nestlings in the boss group, that's doable. Nechtan Thaumaturge 04:58, 19 April 2009 (UTC)


I have been using this build to great success, until this afternoon? I have run over 10 times and whirlwind does not seem to be triggering sand shards any more? Anyone else had this or am I just being a spaz? --Bint

maybe you're not wielding a scythe. Dumbo Ranger-tango-icon-20 15:01, 10 May 2009 (UTC)

No, I'm not quite that stupid. --Bint


Sand shards change... someone archive. Idk how -- 22:42, 6 August 2009 (UTC)

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