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This build uses Critical Strikes to fuel the energy costs of Flash Enchantments and a Scythe for respectable AoE damage.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/D crit=11+1+1 Scythe=12][Wounding Strike][Victorious Sweep][Malicious Strike][Optional][Optional][Optional][Way of the Master][Critical Agility][/build] First Optional:

  • Radiant Scythe [[Radiant Scythe@12]: For energy and damage
  • Reap Impurities [[Reap Impurities@12]: For armor-ignoring AoE damage. Deep Wound will be covered by Bleeding. Aura of Thorns can also provide fuel.

Second Optional:

  • Rending Aura [[Rending Aura@6]
  • Grenth&#039;s Fingers [[Grenth's Fingers@6]: Cheap, condition transfer.
  • Staggering Force [[Staggering Force@6]
  • Dust Cloak [[Dust Cloak@6]: Another 6r, some short-lived blind
  • Aura of Thorns [[Aura of Thorns@3]: Cheap, snares.

Third Optional:

  • Critical Eye [[Critical Eye@13]
  • Critical Defenses [[Critical Defenses@13]
  • Asuran Scan [[Asuran Scan]
  • &quot;I Am Unstoppable!&quot; [["I Am Unstoppable!"]
  • Other PvE skills



  • Blessed or Nightstalker's Insignia
  • Vampiric/Zealous Scythe of Defense/Fortitude (15%>50 or 15% while enchanted inscription)
  • Defensive set


  • Maintain Way of the Master and Critical Agility during battle.
  • Use Flash Enchantment → Wounding Strike.
  • Spam Victorious Sweep, Malicious Strike, and any other attacks.



  • General anti-melee
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