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Run to places because Shadow Form is strong and cool like that.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/R Shadow=12+1+1 Wild=12][Dash][Natural Stride][Shadow Form][I Am Unstoppable][Dwarven Stability][Heart of Shadow][Death's Charge][optional] [/build] Optionals

[[Deadly Paradox@0]
[[Dark Prison@0]
[[Shroud of Distress@14]
[[Feigned Neutrality@14]
[[Shadow Sanctuary]
[["Don't Trip!"]



  • Full Radiant/Survivor/Sentry (Depending which is more necessary for an area).
  • If more healing from Death's Charge and Heart of Shadow is desired, major and superior Shadow Arts runes can be taken. The health loss is easily made up for with superior healing.
  • Full Attunement/Vitae (Depending on which is more necessary for an area).
    • Any staff with +10 energy and 20% halves skill recharge of spells
      • Defensive, Hale, Swift, or Insightful Staff Head
      • +20% Staff Wrapping of Enchanting is useful for lengthening Shadow Form
      • "Don't think twice" or "Hale and Hearty"
  • High Armor Set
    • Spear
      • "I Have the Power!" Inscription
      • 20% longer Enchantments
    • 16 Armor Shield
      • -2 (while in stance)
      • +45hp (while in stance)
  • High Energy Set
    • +10 Energy, 20% Chance of Recharge
    • Insightful Staff Head
    • "Hale and Hearty" or "Seize the Day" Inscription
    • Staff Wrapping of Enchanting.


  • Chain your stances using dash whenever NS is 3/4 recharged.
  • Use IAU as your anti-kd's and DS if drunk depending on how many KD's/foes you're facing.
  • Shadow step as often as energy allows
  • Use Shadow Form before aggroing spellcasting mobs.
  • Use "C" to target a nearby foe, then use Heart of Shadow when it is behind you to shadow step forward and heal.
  • Remember that Heart of Shadow teleports you directly away from your target.


  • Cripple if "I am Unstoppable!" is recharging
  • Lack of Energy (which can be fixed with the right runes)
  • Body Block with both teleports recharging (rare)


  • This build also works R/A.
  • Having a higher Deldrimor Rank increases the duration of Dash and Natural Stride.
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