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Singe as in scorch lightly, not sing. Give your assassin a new lease of life as a ranger. Criticals, interrupts, spiking and multiple targets, what's not to like?

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/R CriticalS=12+3+1 Marksmanship=12 ShadowA=3][Way of the Master][Critical Eye][Disrupting Accuracy][I am the Strongest!][Incendiary Arrows][By Ural's Hammer!][Triple Shot][Dark Escape][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Critical Strikes headgear and a Superior Critical Strikes rune
  • Armour upgrades to suit. On the one hand, Critical Eye will provide sufficient energy that radiants and runes of attunement are not really necessary; on the other, you will be acting as a ranger and not in melee combat so armour is less important that it usually is for assassins.
  • The best bow you can find. Sundering is recommended, eg. Arachni's Longbow

Usage Edit

  • Prepare skills 1 to 4 before combat. Maintain skills 1 to 4 as they expire.
  • Disrupting Accuracy is the key to this build. It will cause many interrupts. Choose targets based on how desirable it is to interrupt them, eg. Monks, Eles, Bosses.
  • Incendiary Arrows is used for hitting, especially interrupting, multiple targets in close proximity. The burning is incidental, so it should not be avoided when facing creatures that are immune to burning. Don't waste it on lone targets. Note that barrage is inferior here as it removes preparations (Disrupting Accuracy).
  • By Ural's Hammer and Triple Shot for spiking (Critical Eye should ensure there is enough mana to spam Triple Shot whenever it is available).
  • Dark Escape for a brief period of damage reduction when required, or if flight is necessary. Alternatively use Way of Perfection for continual small amounts of healing.

Counters Edit

  • Taking aggro before being fully prepared.
  • Normal anti-Ranger counters.

Variants Edit

For those pursuing the alcohol title: <pvxbig> [build prof=A/R CriticalS=12+3+1 Marksmanship=12 ShadowA=3][Drunken Master][Way of Perfection][Way of the Master][Critical Eye][Disrupting Accuracy][I am the Strongest!][Incendiary Arrows][Triple Shot][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Intoxication is required for Drunken Master
  • Dark Escape clashes with Drunken Master so Way of Perfection is preferred here
  • This build works extremely well but is susceptible to enchantment removal

Notes Edit

  • Singe from the 1 point of burning from Incendiary Arrows.
  • Also Singer = Sin Ranger, geddit?
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