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  EoC This build requires an Essence of Celerity to operate properly.  

Uses AoE armor-ignoring skills that reach Shadow Forms damage cap to effectively clear out most of the Bone Pits in the Underworld for Ectoplasm.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/Rt Shadow=12+1+3 Dagger=8 Crit=8+1 Channel=7][Shroud of Distress][Shadow Form][Splinter Weapon][Golden Phoenix Strike][Death Blossom][Shadow Refuge][Unseen Fury][Dark Escape][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Blessed/Survivor Insignias.
  • Caster Weapon & Shield with +10 vs. Lightning damage for running to the Bone Pits.
  • Zealous Enchanting Daggers.


Grasping Darknesses

  • When you zone into the Underworld, take the quest from the Lost Soul and cast Shroud of Distress. Precast Splinter Weapon and aggro the nearest group of Grasping Darknesses. When you have pulled them away, make sure they are adjacent to you and use Unseen Fury, followed up by Golden Phoenix Strike and Death Blossom. Repeat the Splinter Weapon/Golden Phoenix Strike, Death Blossom chain until the group is death. Rinse & repeat for all other Grasping Darkness mobs. Be sure to switch your target every chain so you aren't left with one standing. Use Unseen Fury to avoid interrupts on Splinter Weapon, and Shadow Refuge if necessary (though you shouldn't need it).

Running to the Bone Pits

  • Use your Essence of Celerity and change to your caster weapon/lightning shield set. Begin running to the Bone Pits, maintaining Shadow Form and Shroud of Distress at all times. Use Dark Escape to lose Bladed Aatxe aggro and to reduce damage, and use Unseen Fury before casting Shadow Form to avoid interrupts by the Grasping Darkness.

The Bone Pits

  • Killing things in the Bone Pits is much like killing Grasping Darknesses, with a few minor changes to your strategy. Always try to kill the Bone Collectors and their Bone Horrors first, as the Dead Threshers can target you with Feast of Corruption otherwise. Also, try to avoid the Skeletons of Dhuum unless you are running past them to another group of Threshers/Collectors. Slowly make your way up the hills towards where the Reaper would normally spawn, killing everything possible along the way. By the end of your run you should have killed around twenty-ish foes, usually yielding one or two Ectoplasms.


  • Too much Skeleton aggro.
  • Screwing up on the run to the Bone Pits.


  • Coming soon.
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