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Abuses quick-activation attack skills and use assault enchantments for a shattering assault-like spike(but cheaper) .

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/W Dag=12+1+1 Crit=12+1][Jagged Strike][Fox Fangs][Death Blossom][Critical Strike][optional][Assault Enchantments][Rush][Resurrection Signet][/build]

  • PvP version of skills - [[Death Blossom (PvP)@14].
  • Optional for:
    • Bull&#039;s Strike [[Bull's Strike@0]
    • Exhausting Assault [[Exhausting Assault@14]
    • Twisting Fangs [[Twisting Fangs@13]
    • Wild Blow [[Wild Blow@0]



  • Zealous Daggers of Fortitude.
  • Spear/Shield sets.
  • Full survivor's/nightstalker's.
The Equipment Template for this build is:


  • Use 1-2-3 and 1-2-4 on recharge, twisting fangs for a good spike(if bringing it)
  • Use Assault Enchantments whenever you can(if the target is enchanted of course).
  • Use Exhausting Assault(if you are bringing it) for an interrupt (you can reliably use Jagged->Exhausting to interrupt 1 second casts).
  • Bull's on kiters(again: if bringing it)
  • Use Rush as an IMS.


  • Standard Anti-Melee.



  • Energy is fine even with the attack skills being used on recharge, as long as you stay on Zealous Daggers.
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