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'''PvE Dagger Spammer''' utilizes 1/2 casting time attacks to both deal quick repeatable damage and trigger skills such as [[gw:Strength of Honor|Strength of Honor]], [[gw:Mark of Pain|Mark of Pain]], or [[gw:Barbs|Barbs]]. Because [[gw:Moebius Strike|Moebius Strike]] is unnecessary in this build, it frees up the elite slot to allow for a more versatile build.
== Attributes and Skills ==
[build prof=Assassin/any Dagger=12+1+1 Critical=12+1][Jagged Strike][Fox Fangs][Death Blossom][Asuran Scan][optional][critical eye][critical agility][optional][/build]
[[image:Optional.jpg|25px]] '''Optional elite should be''':
*{{icon|Assault Enchantments}} [[Assault Enchantments] to remove enchantments.
*{{icon|Flashing Blades}} [[Flashing Blades@ 14] for some tanking and minor AoE damage.
*{{icon|Fox's Promise}} [[Fox's Promise@ 14] to counter blocking.
*{{icon|Way of the Assassin}} [[Way of the Assassin@ 13] for additional damage and energy via higher critical rate.
[[image:Optional.jpg|25px]] '''Last optional slot''':
*{{icon|Sneak Attack}} [[Sneak Attack] to inflict blindness.
*{{icon|"Save Yourselves!"}} [["Save Yourselves!"] if you're not running with an Imbagon
*{{icon|Demonic Flesh}} [[Demonic Flesh@ 10] for even more AoE damage.
* {{icon|"By Ural's Hammer!"}} [["By Ural's Hammer!"] to boost damage
== Equipment ==
*'''Armor:''' [[gww:Insignia|Survivor]] insignia, vitae runes, rune of superior vigor and rune of clarity
*'''Weapons:''' [[gww:Zealous|Zealous]] Daggers of Fortitude
== Usage ==
* Maintain {{skill icon|Critical Agility}} and {{skill icon|Critical Eye}}
* Use {{skill icon|Asuran Scan}} followed by skills 1, 2 and 3
* Either maintain {{skill icon|Demonic Flesh}} or use {{skill icon|"Save Yourselves!"}} when the party takes excess damage (depending on which variant you take)
== Counters ==
* Anti-melee
* Heavy enchantment removal
* Anti-shout skills (Vocal Minority, etc.) if using [[gw:"Save Yourselves!"|"SY!"]]
== Variants ==
* {{icon|"I Am the Strongest!"}} [["I Am the Strongest!"] for damage
* {{icon|Drunken Master}} [[Drunken Master] for IAS and IMS
* {{icon|Pain Inverter}} [[Pain Inverter] against bosses and aoe
* {{icon|"Finish Him!"}} [["Finish Him!"] to kill stuff faster
* {{icon|"You Move Like a Dwarf!"}} [["You Move Like a Dwarf!"] to interrupt foes and spike them
* {{icon|Black Mantis Thrust}} [[Black Mantis Thrust] for a snare
== See Also ==
*[[Build:A/W Soldier's Stance Sin]]
*[[Build:P/A Dagger Spammer]]
*[[Build:W/A Enduring Dagger]]
*[[Build:R/A Dagger Pet Ranger]]

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Why'd you delete mine?:)

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