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This build has been designed for the following use:

PvE Dagger Spammer utilizes 1/2 casting time attacks to both deal quick repeatable damage and trigger skills such as Strength of Honor, Mark of Pain, or Barbs. Because Moebius Strike is unnecessary in this build, it frees up the elite slot to allow for a more versatile build.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Assassin/any Dagger=12+1+1 Critical=12+1][Jagged Strike][Fox Fangs][Death Blossom][Asuran Scan][optional][critical eye][critical agility][optional][/build] Optional Optional elite should be:

  • Assault Enchantments [[Assault Enchantments] to remove enchantments.
  • Flashing Blades [[Flashing Blades@ 14] for some tanking and minor AoE damage.
  • Fox&#039;s Promise [[Fox's Promise@ 14] to counter blocking.
  • Way of the Assassin [[Way of the Assassin@ 13] for additional damage and energy via higher critical rate.

Optional Last optional slot:

  • Sneak Attack [[Sneak Attack] to inflict blindness.
  • &quot;Save Yourselves!&quot; [["Save Yourselves!"] if you're not running with an Imbagon
  • Demonic Flesh [[Demonic Flesh@ 10] for even more AoE damage.
  • &quot;By Ural&#039;s Hammer!&quot; [["By Ural's Hammer!"] to boost damage



  • Armor: Survivor insignia, vitae runes, rune of superior vigor and rune of clarity
  • Weapons: Zealous Daggers of Fortitude



  • Maintain Critical Agility [[Critical Agility] and Critical Eye Critical Eye [[Critical Eye@13].
  • Use Asuran Scan [[Asuran Scan] followed by skills 1, 2 and 3.
  • Either maintain Demonic Flesh [[Demonic Flesh] or use &quot;Save Yourselves!&quot; [["Save Yourselves!"] (= [["Save Yourselves!" (Luxon)]) when the party takes excess damage (depending on which variant you take).



  • Anti-melee
  • Heavy enchantment removal
  • Anti-shout skills (Vocal Minority, etc.) if using "SY!"



  • &quot;I Am the Strongest!&quot; [["I Am the Strongest!"] for damage
  • Drunken Master [[Drunken Master] for IAS and IMS
  • Pain Inverter [[Pain Inverter] against bosses and aoe
  • &quot;Finish Him!&quot; [["Finish Him!"] to kill stuff faster
  • &quot;You Move Like a Dwarf!&quot; [["You Move Like a Dwarf!"] to interrupt foes and spike them
  • Black Mantis Thrust [[Black Mantis Thrust] for a snare


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