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This build has been designed for the following use:

Spam 1/2 cast attack skills to pump damage and adrenaline to maintain "SY!".

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Assassin/Warrior Dagger=12+1+1 Critical=12+1][Jagged Strike][Fox Fangs][Death Blossom][Asuran Scan][optional][critical eye][critical agility]["Save Yourselves!"][/build]

  • Optional Optional Elite should be:
  • [[Flashing Blades@14] for some tanking and minor AoE damage.
  • [[Fox's Promise@13] to counter blocking.
  • [[Seeping Wound@13] for snares and conditional damage-over-time.
  • [[Shattering Assault@14] to remove enchantments.
  • [[Way of the Assassin@13] for additional damage and energy via higher critical rate.
  • [[Battle Rage@0] for adrenaline and increased movement.


  • Optional Secondary Skills:
  • Warrior: For [["Save Yourselves!"].
  • Necromancer: For [[Blood Bond@10] and [[Demonic Flesh@10].



  • Survivor Insignias
  • Vitae Runes
  • Zealous Daggers of Fortitude


  • Maintain Critical Agility and Critical Eye
  • Use Asuran Scan and spam 123.
  • Spam Save Yourselves on recharge.


  • Anti-melee.
  • Anti-shout skills (Vocal Minority, etc.)


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