This build is still being created and is not yet ready to be rated.

This build has been designed for the following use:

This build is used for general PvE farming with a self healing component. Can solo some mobs.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=D/W scy=12+1 earthp=3+1 mys=12+1+3][Avatar of Grenth][Mystic Vigor][Mystic Regeneration][Optional][Optional][Optional][Heart of Fury][Eternal Aura][/build] </pvxbig>

Shadowstep skills come in handy

Equipment Edit

  • Dwayna's Grace
  • Any Scythe
  • Perfect Scythe Grip of Enchanting
  • Perfect "Guided by fate"
  • Vampiric snathe
  • Rune of Superior Vigor
  • Windwalker Insignia

Usage Edit

Use Eternal Aura at the begining and any time after if it is removed. Use Avatar of Grenth after each mob if charged. Spam enchantments and engage in combat.

Counters Edit

Blind, dodge, anti-enchantment, knockdown, anti melee.

Variants Edit

The build can be altered for greater defence and healing, or added damage.

Notes Edit

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