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Using Avatar of Dwayna, this UW solo farmer has both high survivability and damage output, and is one of the easiest UW farming builds to use.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=dervish/me scythe=12+1+2 mysticism=11+1 wind=6+1 Inspiration=2][Mystic Sweep][Eremite's Attack] [Mystic Vigor][Physical Resistance][Rending Aura][Avatar of Dwayna][Eternal Aura][Pious Haste][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Zealous Scythe of Enchanting (Asterius' Scythe for example).
  • Blessed or Windwalker armor with any vigor rune, and runes as shown above.


Bladed Aatxe

  • Input requested and would be apperciated. Thanks!

These will kill you too fast for you to do anything. They hit very hard, and your enchantments simply can't protect you. the only way to beat these buggers is to run with a running move then they wont attack you.

Grasping Darknesses

  • Activate Pious Haste and run to the spirit to get the quest.
  • Once the first group of Graspings (from the left) settles at the Aatxe, cast Avatar of Dwayna → Eternal Aura → Pious Haste and aggro them.
  • Use Physical Resistance → Mystic Vigor once you've got them where you want them and start attacking.
  • Spam Attack Skills for a high damage output.
  • Repeat until all groups are dead.

Smite Crawlers

  • Use Avatar of Dwayna → Eternal Aura as before and aggro the Smites.
  • Once you've got them where you want them, use Physical Resistance → Mystic Vigor → Rending Aura and maintain them.
  • Spam the Attack Skills for a high damage output.
  • Should the fight get interrupted by either another group of smites or a patrolling group of Coldfires, and you don't think you can handle it, run away with Pious Haste.
  • Repeat until all groups of smites are dead.

Coldfire Nights

It is possible to kill these buggers, but because of the hex removing effect of the Avatar, running away from them is very simple. Simply spam Pious Haste to remove any movement debilitating hexes they cast.


  • Aggroing patrolling groups of Coldfires.
  • Aggroing far too many smites.


  • Using Conviction instead of Physical Resistance will make this build both a D/any and a Nightfall Only Dervish UW farming build, the first of its kind.
  • You may want to replace Mystic Sweep or Mystic Vigor with Victorious Sweep since it has no activation time and at 15 scythe mastery does more damage than mystic sweep, also even with 3 enchantments it also heals better than 6 attacks with Mystic Vigor and 2 enchantments, and better than 4 attacks with 3 enchantments.
  • Consider replacing the two attack skills with Zealous Sweep and Farmer's Scythe for more energy regen, and quicker attack spam.

See Also

D/Me Dervish Solo FoW Farmer, a similar build that works in FoW.

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