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The Shield of Judgment UW Solo farmer uses smiting-augmented high offense to take down the Grasping Darknesses and Smite Crawlers of the Underworld. The Monk elite Shield of Judgment, made famous by the old 55hp monk build, has the dual purpose of defense and offense.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=dervish/mo scythe=10+1+1 smiting=10 mysticism=8+1 wind=6+1 earthprayers=5+1][Mystic Sweep][Conviction][Rending Aura] [Mystic Vigor][Shield of Judgment][Strength of Honor][Balthazar's Spirit][Pious Haste][/build] </pvxbig>



Grasping Darknesses

  • Upon entering the Underworld cast the 2 maintained enchants, letting energy regenerate between casts (unequip your zealous weapon for this).
  • Cast Mystic Vigor, followed by Pious Haste and get the quest from the Lost Soul. This is to prevent Pious Haste from removing any of the maintained enchants.
  • Do the same as above and aggro the first group of graspings. Drag them back into the starting area.
  • Cast and maintain Mystic Vigor once it recharges. Spam Mystic Sweep for damage.
  • Some time after the Graspings have all used their interrupts (usually their first attack), but well before it recharges, or they reach 9 strikes of Adrenaline for Skull Crack, use Shield of Judgment.
  • Rinse and repeat with all groups of Graspings.
  • NOTE: Should a Nightmare clear your bonds when pulling, don't panic. Attack and kill the Graspings as if nothing happened. Do not attempt to recast the bonds.

The Run

  • Cancel all maintained enchants.
  • Use Pious Haste as your running skill and run to the Ice Wastes. Avoid the patrolling group of Graspings.

Smite Crawlers

  • When you reach the Ice Wastes, recast the maintained enchants, again allowing energy to regenerate between casts.
  • Aggro the first group of smites.
  • Maintain Mystic Vigor, Conviction and Rending Aura at all times.
  • Hit the smites once, then use Shield of Judgment. You might get knocked down a few times when they cast Shield on themselves, but after that you'll be safe.
  • Spam Mystic Sweep until all smites are dead.
  • Rinse and repeat with every group of smites in the Ice Wastes.


  • Coldfire Nights and Dying Nightmares do pose a threat, but are usually easy to avoid, either by simply avoiding the patrols (Coldfires), or breaking aggro with everything with Pious Haste, recast enchants and go again (Nightmares).
  • Not breaking aggro with the Bladed Aatxe.


  • Mystic Sweep can be replaced with Farmer's Scythe for a spammable attack skill, or Victorious Sweep for extra survivability. Note that you will be interrupted often against Graspings.
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