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This build has been designed for the following use:

This build uses Pious Renewal to spam teardown attacks and continually trigger Aura of Holy Might for additional AoE armor ignoring damage.


Commonly seen for easy use of teardown skills.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=D/? name="Pious Teardowns" scy=12+1+1 mys=12+1][Pious Renewal][Pious Assault][Eremite's Attack][Wearying Strike][Optional][Optional][Pious Fury][Aura of Holy Might (Kurzick)][/build]

Optional Optional Attack Skills (instead of ones above):

  • Aura Slicer [[Aura Slicer@13] cracked armor and Reap Impurities/Fragility synergy.
  • Reap Impurities [[Reap Impurities@14] for conditional AoE damage.
  • Irresistible Sweep [[Irresistible Sweep@14] damage and stance removal.
  • Twin Moon Sweep [[Twin Moon Sweep@14] double strike and healing.
  • Banishing Strike [[Banishing Strike@13] for fast hitting armour ignoring damage and a powerful hit vs. undead.
  • Whirlwind Attack [[Whirlwind Attack] even more AoE.

Optional Optional Buff/Utility Skills:

  • Sand Shards [[Sand Shards@10] additional AoE damage.
  • Asuran Scan [[Asuran Scan] for unblockable/death penalty removal.
  • &quot;I Am the Strongest!&quot; [["I Am the Strongest!"] for a damage boost.
  • &quot;Save Yourselves!&quot; [["Save Yourselves!"] for keeping your party alive.
  • &quot;For Great Justice!&quot; [["For Great Justice!"] when using many adrenaline skills.
  • &quot;Dodge This!&quot; [["Dodge This!"] for additional damage.
  • Eternal Aura [[Eternal Aura] instant on demand party resurrect.
  • Signet of Pious Restraint [[Signet of Pious Restraint] AoE snare.




  • Survivor, Blessed Insignias, or Wind Walker if your party uses supportive enchantments on you.
  • Largest vigor rune you can afford, rune of clarity and a rune of vitae or minor earth if using sand shards.
  • Zealous, Furious, or Vampiric Scythe of Fortitude.


  • Maintain AoHM during battle.
  • Spam Pious Renewal before Pious Fury and before any tear down, repeat.


  • General melee hate and deep/spammy enchantment removal.


  • Since enchantments are removed on attack rather than on hit, Aura of Holy Might still triggers on missed and blocked attacks because the teardown will still occur.
  • Withering Aura on another player or on a hero will help with Reap Impurities spam since it re-applies the condition.
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