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This is a PvE build that utilizes Assassin's Promise to bypass the long recharge times for Glyph of Sacrifice and Meteor Shower. It is not uncommon to cast another Meteor Shower before the previous one has ended.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=eleme/assas energy=8+1 firema=12+1+3 deadly=10][Glowing Gaze][Fireball][Liquid Flame][Glyph of Sacrifice][Meteor Shower][Assassin's Promise][Mark of Rodgort][Fire Attunement][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Exorbitant equipment isn't crucial. Preferably high energy armor (Radiant insignias) and weapons. Consider an "of Enchanting" weapon on switch for Fire Attunement.


  • Keep Fire Attunement up at all times. Between battles, recast it to avoid having it run out at inconvenient moments.
  • Find a squishy and (mostly) stationary target - healers and their caster friends in nearby range make good targets - then use Glyph of Sacrifice and Meteor Shower on it.
  • Be sure to call your targets (by holding Control) so your allies know to support you, including any heroes and henchmen.
  • Follow up with Mark of Rodgort followed by Fireball, Glowing Gaze and Liquid Flame. When your target reaches approximately 20% Health (varies depending on resilience and current rate of damage), cast Assassin's Promise on him and finish him off. Then start switching targets and firing off Promises and Gazes on dying targets to recharge and gain energy.
  • Always be on the lookout for targets of opportunity (dying foes) to use Promise and/or Glowing Gaze on to gain energy and recharges. Coordinate attacks with your party. Be careful not to use it on resilient targets such as rangers or warriors, unless you're sure you can finish them off, and beware hex removal and interrupts (i.e., don't cast promise under Maelstrom).
  • Since you'll be firing off a bunch of Meteor Showers, having a Ritualist take Earthbind will work wonders. Also, having other elementalists in the party helps ensure your targets actually die (though the same can be said for any damage dealer). An air spiker would be particularly useful for this purpose.


  • Also works in Alliance Battles and Fort Aspenwood. In the latter case use Aura or Glyph of Restoration since you can't count on anyone healing you.
  • Energy management should be fine with Attunement, Gaze, and Promise. In case of special environment restrictions such as Domain of Secrets, it could be useful taking a ranger with Energizing Wind, since you bypass its recharge restriction on skills. If exhaustion starts to pile up too much, lay off meteors for a short while.


  • Hex removal - without Assassin's Promise, you cannot recharge your skills. Use Mark of Rodgort to bait hex removal and cover Promise if necessary.
  • Enchant removal - without Fire Attunement energy becomes an issue. Keep in mind that Promise will recharge attunement quickly, though.
  • Running Away - Even PvE monsters will Kite. Careful because sometimes you won't be able to follow them without dying.
  • A lot of healing - Which is why you take out Monks and Ritualists first.


  • If necessary, switch out Liquid Flame for a Resurrection Signet or Sunspear Rebirth Signet. Please note that Promise will NOT recharge these signets.
  • In later areas of Nightfall, consider using Lightbringer's Gaze instead of Liquid or Fireball
  • "By Ural's Hammer!" syncs very well with this as it will, of course, be recharged by Assassin's Promise and will thus be able to yield a heavy damage boost for most of the spells.
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