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The Enchanted Tank uses earth magic to reduce damage with the help of Mantra of Earth and Obsidian Flesh, which makes the elementalist immune to magic and highly resistant to physical damage.


<pvxbig> [build prof=E/Me earth=12+1+3 inspiration=9 energy=9+1 airmagic=3+1][stone striker][mantra of earth][armor of earth][stoneflesh aura][obsidian flesh][glyph of swiftness][optional][optional][/build]

  • [[Sliver Armor@16] for solo farming.
  • [[Ebon Battle Standard of Honor] with Sliver Armor
  • [[I Am Unstoppable!] in areas with KD.
  • [[Aura of Restoration@10] or [[Ether Feast@9] for a self heal.
  • [[Earth Attunement@16] - usually unnecessary.



  • Weapon - The highest energy staff you can afford (The Hourglass staff is ideal)
  • Armor - Radiant Insignias on all pieces


  • Cast Earth Attunement to manage energy
  • Cast the first four skills in the bar (Stone striker to Stoneflesh)
  • Cast Glyph of Swiftness followed by Obsidian Flesh
  • Cast Sliver Armor to deal some damage back


  • Interrupts
  • E-denial (debilitating shot can be a pain)
  • Losing the healer
  • Non-targeted and non-spell disenchants
  • Degen/conditions


  • The downside of this build is that it possesses no self healing and depends on a healer to stay alive. Albeit the damage this build takes is minimal; it cannot hold out indefinitely without a monk.
  • Any damage that is less than or equal to 162 will be reduced down to zero damage. Keep in mind, it reduces Damage, not life loss, sacrifices or life stealing.
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