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The FA Sandstorm Warder is a build for Fort Aspenwood designed to control choke points and overall team movement while doing a decent amount of damage. This build is intended to be used for the Kurzick side of FA; however, it can be used on the Luxon side with a little less effectiveness.

<pvxbig> [build prof=E/Paragon Earth=12+1+1 Energy=9+1 Command=9][Sandstorm][Eruption][Optional][Ward Against Foes][Glyph of Lesser Energy][Optional][Make Haste][Fall Back][/build]

  • PvP version of skills - [["Fall Back!" (PvP)@9].

</pvxbig> Optionals



  • Full Survivors with the necessary runes


  • 40/40 Earth Set
  • Command Shield of Fortitude with +10 vs earth for the Siege Turtles and +10 vs blunt for the Luxon Warriors and any other mods you may find useful
  • 20/20 Staff
  • High energy set


  • Use Sandstorm and Eruption as well as any other AoE spells on huddled enemies. Specifically target Siege Turtles and the Luxon Warriors guarding them.
  • Use Ward Against Foes at strategic choke points throughout the match. If a gate is broken through, quickly rush to it and lay down your ward.
  • Use "Fall Back!" and "Make Haste!" to control your teams movement. If necessary, use "FB!" to run amber. Use "MH!" to speed up any teammates that are running amber for your team.
  • Use GoLE for e-management. If your exhaustion gets too high or you have a hard time maintaining energy, just die so you can rez with full energy.


  • Interrupts
  • General Anti-Caster
  • Poorly placing your ward
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