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This build, used to farm Smite Crawlers in The Underworld, uses Stoneflesh Aura to nullify all damage, Warrior skills to be able to avoid interrupts and for running to The Ice Wastes, and various Elementalist AoE nukes to kill enemies quickly and cleanly.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=elementalist/warrior earthm=12+1+3 firema=11+3 energy=4+1 tactics=5][Glyph of Concentration][Stoneflesh Aura][Wary Stance][Savannah Heat][Meteor][Aftershock][Bonetti's Defense][Sprint][/build] </pvxbig>


  • A weapon with an Enchanting mod and "I Have The Power!" inscription, and a shield with a fortitude mod and "Sheltered by Faith" inscription, for example a Totem Axe and Fenrir's Bastion.
  • The appropriate runes.


Killing the Grasping Darknesses

  • Use Sprint to take the quest from the lost soul and break aggro from Aatxes.
  • Precast Glyph of Concentration.
  • Use Sprint to break aggro from Aatxes but keep the Graspings with you. The centre circle is about the right distance so that graspings don't break aggro too.
  • Cast Stoneflesh Aura, followed by Wary Stance and Savannah heat.
  • Autoattack to charge up Bonetti's Defence.
  • Immediately cast Glyph of Concentration again
  • Cast Stoneflesh Aura again
  • When Bonetti's is ready and Savannah Heat is nearly recharged, use Bonetti's, wait for your energy, and use Glyph of Concentration.
  • Use Savannah Heat, Wary Stance and Meteor, and Aftershock to kill all of the graspings at once.
  • If Glyph of Concentration is interrupted (this happens rarely) then don't cast Savannah Heat, just recharge Bonetti's and try again.

The Run

  • Swap superior runed armour with +Health armour.
  • The map of the run can be found on Build:E/Me Sandstorm UW Solo.
  • Sprint only lasts for 8 seconds, so use it as late as possible when running past Aatxe, and keep running for as long as possible to make sure they break aggro.
  • Don't aggro the graspings between the chamber and the ice wastes, they often come with a Dying Nightmare and are very annoying, particularly with Aatxes running around.

The Smite Crawlers

  • This is the easiest part of the run. Just make sure you don't aggro any Coldfire Nights.
  • Aggro a group of smites and pull them to a safe location.
  • Cast Stoneflesh Aura before they reach you (they can kill you very fast).
  • When they are all bunched up, use Savannah Heat, Meteor and Aftershock. This kills them all.


If you don't want to pay 1k every try, you can practice on the Trolls outside Droknar's Forge. Note that the Grasping combo will not kill them all, you also need to use aftershock and wand them once to kill them. Their attack skills also go through Stoneflesh so try to only aggro a couple at a time. ice wastes run, safe spots, and patrols UWSmitePat.png

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