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This build has been designed for the following use:

A general PvE build to get through most places without ever having to worry about your energy management. Also Room for lots of switching up and combining with 2nd Profession skills.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> <pvxbig> [build prof=E/? name="Perma Energy Ele" fir=12+1+3 ene=12+1][Liquid Flame][Meteor][Rodgort's Invocation][Glowing Gaze][Fireball][Air Of Superiority][Fire Attunement][Elemental Attunement][/build] </pvxbig> - Finish Him --> Fireball (to kill some monsters faster that otherwise would be a waste to nuke)

- Pain Inverter --> Fireball (for Bosses/Strong enemies with AoE damage)

- You Move Like A Dwarf --> Fireball (for double Knock Down/interrupt together with meteor)

- Air of Superiority --> Aura of Restoration/Elemental Lord (if you want more healing and a cover up enchantment for your attunements)

- Switch out Elemental Attunement, Take Glyph of Lesser energy and instead of Liquid flame, Take Savannahs Heat. Easy spike of Savannah heat, Knock down Meteor, Rodgort and Glowing Gaze. (slighty harder to manage energy, but not with air of superiority).

- Feel free to switch out 1 or 2 skills and fill them with another fire magic spell or with other attributes (change energy storage to 9 and other attribute can then be raised to 9).

Equipment Edit

- Any max armour (60 armour)

- Survivors insignia on every armor piece, with vitae runes on feet + legs. minor energy storage on hands + major/superior vigor on chest. +1 fire (in pvp) or +3 fire (in pve) rune on helm for a possible variation of +75 life with lower damage, personal preference

- 20% enchanting staff/spear/sword/axe (for the attunements)

- (Caster modded Spear + shield for reduced aggro/incoming damage or 40/20/20 staff for reduced cast/recharge times, personal preference)

Usage Edit

- Maintain enchantments at all times. Cast Elemental Attunement before Fire attunement to cover up the elite with the less important enchantments)

- Nuke monsters that are clutched together

- Make sure you kill the cluthes of enemies to activatie the 'Is there anything I can do' action from Air of Superiority

- Rodgort + Glowing Gaze for some extra energy managament.

- Always nice: Knock down a group with meteor, while they get up Rodgort and finish with Glowing.

Counters Edit

- Enchant Removal

- General Caster Hate (daze, interrupts, hexes)

- Getting Spiked

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