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This build is designed for massive AoE damage through the use of [[gw:Elementalist|Elementalist]] [[gw:Fire Magic|Fire Magic]] skills. The extremely high DPS is devastating over a short period of time to clumped targets.
== Frequency ==
Frequently seen in HA in balanced builds.Commonly seen in AB as a capper.
== Attributes and Skills ==
[build prof=eleme/any firema=12+1+1 energy=12+1][Savannah Heat][Searing Heat][Teinai's Heat][Rodgort's Invocation][glyph of Lesser Energy][Optional][fire Attunement][resurrection Signet][/build]
*'''PvP version of skills -''' [[Savannah Heat (PvP)@14].
=== Optional ===
{{e}} ''/'' {{x}}
*{{icon|Meteor}} [[Meteor@14]
*{{icon|Ward Against Foes}} [[Ward Against Foes@11] or {{icon|Grasping Earth}} [[Grasping Earth@11]
{{e}} ''/'' {{rt}}
*{{icon|Weapon of Warding}} [[Weapon of Warding@8]
*{{icon|Resilient Weapon}} [[Resilient Weapon@8]
*{{icon|Flesh of My Flesh}} [[Flesh of My Flesh@3] or {{icon|Death Pact Signet}} [[Death Pact Signet@3] (use with the above)
{{e}} ''/'' {{me}}
*{{icon|Mantra of Resolve}} [[Mantra of Resolve@8]
{{e}} ''/'' {{p}}
*{{icon|"Make Haste!"}} [[Make Haste@8] and {{icon|Song of Concentration}} [[Song of Concentration] (if not running it on a frontliner)
*'''For AB :'''
**{{icon|Dash}} [[Dash]
**{{icon|"Fall Back!"}} [[Fall Back@9]
== Equipment ==
* Any max AL armor with the appropriate rune setup can be used.
* Survivor [[gw:Insignia|Insignia]]s should be used.
*40/40 Fire Wand and Offhand.
*20/40 Fire Staff with 20% enchantment.
*Defensive Sets. (Shield with +10AR vs "x"Damage, +30hp and a Spear +5 Energy, +30hp)
== Usage ==
*Maintain [[gw:Fire Attunement|Fire Attunement]] at all times.
*Resurrect fallen party members with [[gw:Resurrection Signet|Resurrection Signet]].
*Cast [[gw:Savannah Heat|Savannah Heat]] on bunched up foes, along with [[gw:Searing Heat|Searing Heat]] and/or [[gw:Teinai's Heat|Teinai's Heat]].
*Use [[gw:Glyph of Lesser Energy|Glyph of Lesser Energy]] if energy becomes a problem or if Fire Attunement is removed.
*Use [[gww:Rodgort's Invocation|Rodgort's Invocation]] on spikes.
== Counters ==
*Targets fleeing the AoE before the bulk of the damage can be dealt.
*Standard caster counters like Dazed, Interrupts, Diversion.<pvxbig>
[[Category:Multi-campaign builds|E/any SH Elementalist]]</pvxbig>
[[Category:Multi-campaign builds|E/any SH Elementalist]]</pvxbig>

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