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This build is used to nuke foes constantly by spamming Searing Flames.
== Attributes and Skills ==
[build prof=eleme/ firema=12+1+3 energy=12+1][Searing Flames][Glowing Gaze][Liquid Flame][Optional][Optional][Optional][Glyph of Lesser Energy][Fire Attunement][/build]
'''Optional 1:'''
* {{skill icon|Meteor Shower}}
* {{skill icon|Mark of Rodgort}}
* {{skill icon|Deep Freeze}}
'''Optional 2 and 3:'''
* {{skill icon|Ebon Battle Standard of Honor}}
* {{skill icon|Elemental Lord}}
* {{skill icon|"By Ural's Hammer!"}}
* {{skill icon|"You Move Like a Dwarf!"}}
* {{skill icon|"Finish Him!"}}
* {{skill icon|Auspicious Incantation}} (if taking Rodgort's Invocation or Deep Freeze)
* {{skill icon|Air of Superiority}}
* A resurrect
== Equipment ==
* Full Survivor
* 40/40 Fire Magic set
* A weapon [[gw:of Enchanting|of Enchanting]] for Fire Attunement.
* A Fire Magic Wand and Focus with +1(20%) works as well.
== Usage ==
* Keep [[gw:Fire Attunement|Fire Attunement]] up at all times.
* Spam [[gw:Searing Flames|Searing Flames]] until all the enemies die.
* Use [[gw:Glowing Gaze|Glowing Gaze]] after [[gw:Searing Flames|Searing Flames]] for more spammage.
* Use [[gw:Liquid Flame|Liquid Flame]] while [[gw:Searing Flames|Searing Flames]] recharges.
* Use [[gw:Glyph of Lesser Energy|Glyph of Lesser Energy]] to spam [[gw:Searing Flames|Searing Flames]] even more.
== Counters ==
* [[gw:Destroyer|Destroyers]]
* [[gw:Frigid Armor|Frigid Armor]]
* Enchantment removal
* Caster hate
* [[gw:Signet of Humility|Signet of Humility]]
* Interrupts on key skills
== Variants ==
* Bring [[gw:Power Drain|Power Drain]] and [[gw:Waste Not, Want Not|Waste Not, Want Not]] on heroes for energy management.
* Use [[gw:Signet of Corruption|Signet of Corruption]] for additional energy management.
[[Category:Multi-campaign builds|E/any Searing Flames Elementalist]]
[[Category:Multi-campaign builds|E/any Searing Flames Elementalist]]

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