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This Mesmer is built to take the place of a normal RC Monk in order to counter Domination Mesmers, most especially Power Block Mesmers, as well as possible.


Used to build wars dem pblockerz

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mesmer/Monk fast=11+1+3 prot=12 dom=6+3][Reversal of Fortune][Restore Condition][Spirit Bond][Aegis][Pacifism][Guardian][Hex Breaker][Restore Life][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Protection staff with 20% enchant mod, dual 20% fast cast chance, and 20% fast recharge
  • High Energy set
  • Defense Set (spear/sword/axe with +health or armor and a Shield)
  • 4th weapon set doesn't matter too much, play around with it and come up with something you like best (15>50 wand + protection offhand item is good, some may prefer a +5 energy weapon + protection offhand item or a second kind of defensive set)


  • Use Restore Condition on allies to get rid of conditions and provide a huge health boost.
  • Use Spirit Bond to help stop spikes. Try to watch the field and use it before spikes occur.
  • Use Pacifism to relieve pressure from teammates who are going to take damage from many different sources.
  • Use Guardian to protect against physical characters.
  • Use Reversal of Fortune as "heal".
  • Maintain Hexbreaker on yourself to avoid hexes.


  • Shutting down Restore Condition hurts a lot.
  • Heavy hex pressure - this build can not push bars up very well.


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