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[[Image:Tab Piplup.jpg]]
Destroys your target, by Virulence, Fragility and IoP .
== Attributes and Skills ==
[build prof=Me/N IllusionM=12+1+2 FastCasting=12+1][Fragility][Illusion Of Pain][Mark of Fury@0][Accumulated Pain][Virulence@0][Distortion][optional][optional][/build]
*'''PvP version of skills -''' [[Fragility (PvP)@15].
*In RA [[Drain Enchantment@10] and [[Resurrection Signet] (drop Fast Casting to 9 and raise Inspiration to 9).
*In GvG [[Kitah's Burden@14] and [[Illusion of Haste@14].
*In CM/AB/etc. [[Barbed Signet@3] (increase Blood Magic to 3)
== Equipment ==
* 40/40 Illusion Set
* Defensive set.
== Usage ==
*Select your target.
*Use cover hex to get rid of Holy Veil.
*Cast 1-2-3-4-5-6.
*Maintain Illusion of Pain untill target is dead.
*Heal/Use utility skills and repeat.
== Counters ==
*Caster hate.
== Variants ==
*[[Enfeeble@3] - watch out to not reduce spike damage with it.

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Tab Piplup

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