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This is a build that counters nearly everything that you encounter in JQ, most prominently N/A Contagion Bombers, RoJ Monks and most Ele Nukers. Can also solo kill unprotected turtles/juggs with WW and can solo cap Longbow Shrines (albeit slow) with Empathy+Ether Feast.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Me/N Fastca=9+1 DominationMagic=11+1+2 InspirationMagic=10+1 Curses=4][Psychic Distraction][Gaze of Contempt][Rend Enchantments][Empathy][Backfire][Wastrel's Worry][Ether Feast][Optional][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Proper Domination Set
  • Proper Runes



  • Counter N/As by Gaze of Contempt'ing them after they used Shadow Walk, they won't be able to re-enchant.
  • Counter RoJs by Psychic Distraction'ing their RoJ
  • Counter nukers by Psychic Distraction'ing all of their AoEs
  • Counter attackers with Empathy+WW
  • Cap Longbow shrines by putting empathy on a longbow and healing yourself with Ether Feast. Only aggro 1 longbow at a time (max casting range)
  • Kill turtles and juggernauts with WW
  • Use chaos storm on stationary NPCs


  • Massive shrine ganks with multiple nukers at the same time
  • Massive ganks on you without healer that you also can't outheal yourself
  • Anti-Caster hexes
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