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Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mesmer/Any fastcasting=12+1+3 dominationmagic=12+3][Optional][Mind Wrack][Energy Burn][Chaos Storm][Arcane Echo][Ether Signet@16][Symbolic Celerity][Mantra of Recovery][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Healing SignetHealing Signet For self heal.
  • Tryptophan SignetTryptophan Signet To slow enemies.
  • Pain InverterPain Inverter If used then switch Ether SignetEther Signet to Energy TapEnergy Tap and switch Symbolic CeleritySymbolic Celerity to IntensityIntensity.


Up to the user's discretion, but must have Sup. Rune of Fast Casting and Sup. Rune of Domination and a +1 Fast casting Helm.


1.Always have mantra of recovery up

2.Always have Symbolic Celerity up.

3. - a.Against casters cast Arcane Echo and then Chaos Storm and then the Chaos Storm copy. Then Hex with Mind Wrack and then Energy Burn. Rinse, repeat.

- b.Against melee Cast Mind Wrack, then Arcane Echo, then Energy Burn, then Energy Burn again. Once they reach you cast Chaos storm. (you could also do Mind wrack -> Energy Burn -> Arcane Echo -> Chaos storm -> Chaos Storm)

4.Use Ether Signet as necessary.

When looking to spike an enemy, go for a Mind Wrack, then Arcane Echo an Energy Burn, then quickly Energy Burn again. It can ad up to 90+25+90+25+100 (330 dmg) on top of -22 energy to the foe in 4 seconds.


Standard anti-caster. Interrupts



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