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This build uses newly buffed signets for AoE damage and interruption.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=me/any fastcasting=12+1+1 Inspiration=12+1][Keystone Signet@14][Signet of Clumsiness@14][Unnatural Signet@14][Tryptophan Signet][optional][optional][Mantra of Inscriptions][Symbolic Celerity][/build] Optional Optional slots for:

  • Additional Signets:
  • Damage Signets:
  • Signet of Corruption [[Signet of Corruption@9]
  • Signet of Disruption [[Signet of Disruption@14]
  • Castigation Signet [[Castigation Signet@14]
  • Signet of Sorrow [[Signet of Sorrow@14]
  • Support Signets:
  • Signet of Weariness [[Signet of Weariness@14]
  • Signet of Distraction [[Signet of Distraction@14]
  • Leech Signet [[Leech Signet@14]
  • Hex Eater Signet [[Hex Eater Signet@14]
  • Rez Signets:
  • Death Pact Signet [[Death Pact Signet@14] Fast rez, but big drawback
  • Signet of Return [[Signet of Return@14] Longer casting time but no drawbacks
  • Player-Only skills:
  • &quot;By Ural&#039;s Hammer!&quot; [["By Ural's Hammer!"]
  • Utility:
  • Symbolic Posture [[Symbolic Posture@14] to make keystone recharge faster, only use if not taking mantra of inscriptions
  • Mantra of Signets [[Mantra of Signets@13] self heal and armor boost, use instead of Mantra of Inscriptions

Hero Variant

<pvxbig> [build prof=me/any fastcasting=12+1+1 Inspiration=12+1][Keystone Signet@14][Signet of Clumsiness@14][Unnatural Signet@14][signet of disruption@14][optional][optional][Mantra of Inscriptions][Symbolic Celerity][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Fast Casting set and defensive sets.
  • Artificer Insignia or Survivor Insignia.



  • Use your signets on recharge.
  • Use fragility as a cheap trigger for Unnatural signet.
  • If there are melee enemies use signet of weariness to weaken them.
  • Use Keystone signet to recharge all your signets.
  • Maintain mantra of inscriptions to recharge Keystone faster.
  • Maintain Symbolic Celerity.


Set hero to guard mode :).


  • Interruption.
  • Enchantment removal.
  • Anti-Signet Shutdown, Rust Rust


  • Can take and spec pretty much any high energy skills (Deep Freeze, Orders, etc)
  • Different res such as Restore Life.


  • You dont actually need to put points into dom/illusion if you are just taking frag/mind wrack to trigger Unnatural signet's condition.

Heros have a little trouble maintaining Symbolic Clerity and only cast it in battle. It may require some microing

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