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This build uses Illusion Magic skills to interrupt the enemy's damage output in PvE while providing good armor-ignoring damage.

Attributes and Skills


<pvxbig> [build prof=me/e illusion=12+1+3 fast=9+1 insp=9+1][optional][clumsiness][wandering eye][By Ural's Hammer][phantom pain][drain delusions][optional][Glyph of Lesser Energy@0][/build]

  • Echo [[Echo] - to copy Clumsiness or Wandering Eye.
  • Ineptitude [[Ineptitude@16] - for melee heavy areas and large damage.
  • Stolen Speed [[Stolen Speed@10] - to speed up cast times of the rest of your team.
  • Mantra of Recovery [[Mantra of Recovery@10] - to generate more spammability, Note: MoR is now maintainable at FC 10.
  • Psychic Instability [[Psychic Instability@10] - crowd control with multiple interruptions.
  • Arcane Conundrum [[Arcane Conundrum@16] can also be used as energy management.
  • Shrinking Armor [[Shrinking Armor@16] additional condition.
  • Signet of Clumsiness [[Signet of Clumsiness@16] additional damage.
  • Pain Inverter [[Pain Inverter] or any other PvE skill.
  • Fragility [[Fragility@16] Can provide good damage and utility.


<pvxbig> [build prof=me/any illusion=12+1+1 fast=9+1 insp=9+1][optional][clumsiness][wandering eye][Signet of Clumsiness][optional][Arcane Conundrum][power drain][optional][/build]

  • Ineptitude [[Ineptitude@14] - for melee heavy areas.
  • Stolen Speed [[Stolen Speed@10] - to speed up cast times of the rest of your team.
  • Mantra of Recovery [[Mantra of Recovery@10] - to generate more spammability.
  • Psychic Instability [[Psychic Instability@12] - crowd control with multiple interruptions. Change attribute spread to 11+1+1 Illu, 11+1 FC, 8+1 Insp.
  • Optional Optional 2 slots for:
    • Shrinking Armor [[Shrinking Armor@14] additional condition.
    • Calculated Risk [[Calculated Risk@14] for damage on melees.
    • Fragility [[Fragility@14] in condition-heavy teams.
    • Drain Enchantment [[Drain Enchantment@14] for an enchantment removal.
    • Glyph of Lesser Energy [[Glyph of Lesser Energy@0] or Waste Not, Want Not [[Waste Not, Want Not@10] for energy management, useful if using ineptitude.
    • Flesh of My Flesh Flesh of My Flesh a resurrection.



  • A 40/40 Illusion set and spear and shield sets as necessary.
  • Survivor Insignia.


  • Spam Wandering Eye and Clumsiness on enemy attackers. Target the center of a group to maximize damage.
  • Use "By Ural's Hammer!" as much as possible.
  • Use Phantom Pain with Drain Delusions to gain 6 energy and give the foe Deep Wound.



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