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This build uses Healers Boon and Heal Party and various healing spells for a massive party heal and great cast times, while also using speed boosts to run the flag. This build is designed to be ran as a counter against pressure teams, primarily hexway.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/E divine=8+1 healin=12+1+1 protec=10+1 airmag=2][healers boon][heal party][mending touch][cure hex][Patient Spirit][Guardian][Glyph of Lesser Energy][Storm Djinn's Haste][/build] </pvxbig>


  • 40/40 Healing, Defensive, Enchantment, and Energy Sets
  • Armor with plenty of health and Energy.


  • Run flags with Storm Djinn's Haste.
  • Use Heal Party occasionally or when your party needs a heal.
  • Glyph of Lesser Energy should be used for energy management.
  • As you run the flag when you get close to the battle use the healing and protection spells to support your allies.


  • Anti-Caster
  • Extreme Hex or Conditions
  • Any split. Doesn't matter.


  • Using different Healing or Prot spells.
  • Freezing Gust and Armor of Mist instead of Cure Hex and Storm Djinn's Haste (run 8 Water Magic/8+1 Divine Favor/7+1 Prot)
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