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This hero build takes advantage of heroes' incredible accuracy with interrupts in combination with Divine Boon and Prot skills (commonly referred to as BoonProt) to heal and protect their entire party. The protection prayers and interrupts help the hero mitigate damage while DB helps heal the party. It's 3 roles in 1 hero!

Attributes and Skills

[pvxbig][build prof=Mo/Me inspir=11 divine=10+1 prot=10+1+1][Tease][Power Drain][Reversal of Fortune][Shield of Absorption][Optional][Protective Spirit][Aegis][Divine Boon][/build][/pvxbig]




  • Full Survivors and the obvious runes.
  • A prot staff with at least +15 energy and 20% enchantment OR a +5e spear with 20% enchant and a protection offhand.


  • Set the hero to guard. He/She will do all the work.
  • No need to micro Divine Boon. Heroes now do that themselves.


  • Areas with little to no mobs for Tease. In which case, sub it out for Energy Drain
  • Areas with heavy enchantment removal. This is easily counterable since DB only has a 10 second recharge and the hero will reapply it.
  • Interrupts, Daze, and other general anti-caster effects.



  • Heroes maintain DB without it needing to be micro'd. That includes when it's stripped. They just reapply it. And they don't cancel it like many other maintained enchantments.
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