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This build uses [[gw:Healer's Boon|Healer's Boon]] to provide powerful healing as well as incredibly fast cast times.
== Equipment ==
* Survivor's or Radiant Insignias.
* A + 5 Energy/+ 30 HP Spear with a selection of shields, one for each damage type.
* A 40/40 (Healing) Wand/Focus set
* High / Low Energy sets
== Usage ==
*Maintain [[gw:Healer's Boon|Healer's Boon]] at ALL times
*[[gw:Patient Spirit|Patient Spirit]] and [[gw:Dwayna's Kiss|Dwayna's Kiss]] are your primary healing skills.
*Use [[gw:Infuse Health|Infuse Health]] to catch spikes or heal very low targets.
*Use [[gw:Heal Party|Heal Party]] for a powerful party-wide heal. This must be used sparingly though, for its high energy cost will quickly drain your energy pool.
*Use [[gw:Draw Conditions|Draw Conditions]] to pull conditions off your RC or to get blind off frontliners
*Use [[gw:Spotless Mind|Spotless Mind]] to remove hexes from party members
== Counters ==
*Enchant removal can be a minor problem, but this is not a significant issue as [[gw:Healer's Boon|Healer's Boon]] only has a 10 second recharge timer.
*Standard caster counters, [[gw:Diversion|Diversion]], [[gw:Visions of Regret|VoR]] etc.
*Unlike many monk builds, this build will be practically invulnerable to interrupts. HB will cause most skills to have a casting time of .5 seconds or less. Heal Party will have a cast time of 1 second, which may pose a problem if a [[gw:Migraine|Migraine]] mesmer camps on the monk, but this should not be a MAJOR problem.
== Variants ==
*[[gw:Mantra of Flame|Mantra of Flame]] to abuse the likelyhood of facing elementalists in HA.
*[[gw:Healing Seed|Healing Seed]] for [[gw:Draw Conditions|Draw Conditions]]
*[[gw:Cure Hex|Cure Hex]] or [[gw:Holy Veil|Holy Veil]] instead of [[gw:Spotless Mind|Spotless Mind]]
*[[gw:Heal Other|Heal Other]] instead of [[gw:Infuse|Infuse]] if playing as a secondary healer
[[Category:Multi-campaign builds|Mo/Me Healer's Boon Monk]]
[[Category:Multi-campaign builds|Mo/Me Healer's Boon Monk]]
*[[gw:Hex Breaker|Hex Breaker]]

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