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This is a easy run build for minister cho's mission. This works for Nm.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=monk/Necromancer SmitingPrayers=12+1+3 ProtectionPrayers=10+3 DeathMagic=8][Reversal of Fortune][Reversal of Damage][Zealots Fire][Dismiss Condition][Shielding Hands][Consume Corpse][Drunken Master][Balthazars Spirit][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Armor

Use so much energy you can. and you need a Smiting head 1+3 and any other with Protection Prayers +3.

  • Weapons

Any high Energy + Healt. 20% Longer enchantmetns will be good.


Build use 2 for kill all.

You cast [Balthazars Spirit] on yourself to gain energy faster. Use [Consume Corpse] to teleport to the other side of the gates.

You use [Zealots Fire] for damage, this skill you have to make sure you have on. Then you use [Reversal of Fortune] and [Reversal of Damage] to make damage. This you just keep on doing until your done and kill The minister.

Build use 1 for just a Run

Use Balthazars Spirit. ( this is just for 1 time ) Use Drunken Master ( this is only for speed ) When you get to there Togo Talk about the Ping on map. Just run close to the gate. then Use Consume Corpse. you Will be on the other side. Now just run to the next gate. Do the same. And so on until you get past the warrior boss. Now you just run all the way up to Minister cho. Now you kill him.

Shielding Hands and Dissmiss Condition is for extra heal if needed. ( Remember; Watch your energy. )


Togo follows you. ( At the second gate where he tells about the Ping and draw on map. there you just go fast awey and use [Consume Corpse] so your on the same side as the Child. )


After you get past the Animales. You can use [Consume Corpse] to teleport your way up to the top.

Good Luck.

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