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This is a Kurzick protection build designed for protecting gate guard NPCs and Master Architect Gunther in the mission Fort Aspenwood. By casting Air of Enchantment you are able to spam an endless chain of enchantments to keep your target alive against most opposing teams while having positive energy gain.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=monk/any protec=12+1+1 healin=10+1 divin=8+1][air of enchantment][reversal of fortune][patient spirit][dwayna's kiss][shield of absorption][protective spirit][guardian][dismiss condition][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Survivor's Armor.
  • 30hp 20/20/20% Enchanting Protection Staff.
  • High Energy Set. ( 30/-2)

Usage Edit

  • Choose a gate NPC to enchant, on Orange and Purple Gates the Elementalist is usually the best, on the Green Gate the Mesmer can sometimes make a better target against spell casters.
  • Stand as far back as you can to cast spells on that NPC and start spamming with Air of Enchantment.
  • Make sure you land an enchantment on top of Air of Enchantment and Protective Spirit before a Siege Turtle hits them.
  • Only cast Protective Spirit when it ends or if you have reached full energy.
  • Cast Air of Enchantment as soon as it has recharged, be careful about landing it just before a siege attack.
  • Even while spamming all your 5 energy skills continuously you will still regain energy.
  • Because you can fairly successfully protect a gate on your own without help, a second monk might be better off healing you to allow you to do your job.

Counters Edit

  • Enemy team attacking you with spells through the wall (eg Backfire).
  • Well of Profane.
  • Scourge Enchantment.

Variants Edit

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