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This build uses Word of Healing among other monk spells to heal and mitigate damage quickly and efficiently.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/Any healing=12+1+1 prot=9+1 divine=9+1][word of healing][dwayna's kiss][dismiss condition][shield of absorption][protective spirit][cure hex][Selfless Spirit][rebirth][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Survivor's Insignias. Runes needed for stats above, and a rune of superior vigor.
  • Standard monk weapon sets. Energy hiding sets for use with Rebirth.


  • Use Dwayna's Kiss as a general heal, especially on allies with enchantments or hexes.
  • Use Word of Healing to make red bars go up, especially on targets below 50% health.
  • Use Dismiss Condition to quickly remove dangerous conditions.
  • Use Shield of Absorption on pressured targets and as a small prot.
  • Use Protective Spirit to counter hard hitting enemies. Beware of the high energy cost.
  • Use Cure Hex to remove a hex while providing a moderate heal.
  • Maintain Selfless Spirit for very easy energy management.
  • Use Rebirth as an after battle resurrect.


  • Standard anti-caster, such as energy denial or hexes like Migraine.
  • Party wide damage, however this is less of an issue with smart positioning.


  • Dywana's Kiss and/or Patient Spirit can be replaced with
  • For heroes, change out Selfless Spirit for another energy-management skill.
  • Signet of Rejuvenation provides a free heal to help conserve energy
  • Use Power Drain and/or Leech Signet as energy management with a small investment in Inspiration Magic if running the build on a hero.
  • GoLE can also be useful for heroes as energy management.
  • Consider Mend Ailment over Dismiss Condition on heroes, as heroes tend to spam DC on those with conditions, resulting in energy running out fast in condition heavy areas, as well as not healing efficiently.


  • The resurrection skill should be disabled on Heroes, who like to resurrect during battles.
  • It may be worth disabling protective spirit on heroes as well, since heroes love to spam this skill. Over-use of protective spirit removes all energy efficiency purposes of this build.
  • Selfless Spirit can not be used with a Hero. Look at the variants for e-management skills that heroes use well.
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