This build is still being created and is not yet ready to be rated.

This build has been designed for the following use:

This build is used to farm Veldt Nephila and Zelnehlun Fastfoot outside of Rilohn Refuge on both NM and HM.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Necromancer/Assassin Curses=12+1+3 SoulReaping=10+1 ShadowArts=8][Spiteful Spirit][Reckless Haste][Desecrate Enchantments][Signet Of Sorrow][Shadow Refuge][Dark Escape][Shadow Of Haste][Dash][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Superior Curses rune and any max armor.
  • +Energy preferably with HRT.


  • Before running past the mob put on Shadow Refuge and then use Dark Escape
  • Run past the mob and then activate Dash to break aggro.
  • Use Shadow Refuge again as soon as the Foes stop following
  • Use Shadow of Haste shortly after passing mob.(you may have to use while the mob is still following.
  • Follow the path right until you are in the middle of the stone bridge.
  • About 5 groups of Veldt Nephila should have spawned.
  • Activate Dash to return to your original location.
  • Wait for the groups to mob up and then aggro.
  • Run around the corner being careful not to lure them around the side.
  • If you did it correctly they should not be able to hit you and you can kill them using SS at your leisure.


  • Heavy Degen from getting hit by enemies.
  • Getting knocked down by bulls charge. This is often fatal.


  • Signet of Corruption Signet of Corruption - for small amount of AoE damage and energy gain instead of Desecrate Enchantments
  • Feigned Neutrality Feigned Neutrality - Instead of Shadow Refuge
  • If you dont want to run past group at the start you can add two henchmen and send them in first and use this build.


  • When luring the Spiders you can use both a staff or a longbow or any weapon of your choice. Sometimes it you use a staff you may get hit and sometimes it you use a bow not all the spiders come so its your choice.
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