Mix of damage and support skills designed to keep foes at maximum health degeneration and maintain healing for the party and minions.

Attributes and Skills

[build prof=N/Me bloodma=12+1+3 soulre=12+1][Awaken the Blood][Life Transfer][Arcane Echo][Oppressive Gaze][Unholy Feast][Blood Bond][Well of Blood]["By Ural's Hammer!"][/build]


  • Ravenous Gaze [[Ravenous Gaze] cheap, spammable armor-ignoring AoE damage.


  • Survivor Insignia and Vitae Runes
  • 20/20 Blood Wand
  • 20/20 Blood Focus


  • Cast Awake the Blood and Arcane Echo before combat.
  • Double cast Life Transfer on grouped foes, and Oppressive Gaze on conditioned foes.
  • Keep Blood Bond up on foes attacked by minions.
  • Maintain a Well of Blood for the party when possible.
  • Keep in mind that using "By Ural's Hammer!" will cancel your Echo spell, so use it early and/or between Echos.


Strong hex removal will make Life Transfer useless. Consider switching it for Ravenous Gaze. </pvxbig>

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