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This build is designed to handle the new "erratic" AI with the Solo SS Farmer build.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=necro/monk soulre=3+3 curses=12+1+3 healin=9 protec=9][protective spirit][healing breeze][spirit bond][spiteful spirit][insidious parasite][essence bond][balthazars spirit][mending][/build] </pvxbig>



  • If you use Spirit Bond as a secondary healing skill, your armor should not be any better than AL 30.
  • Use Radiant insignias because they offer the most energy required for the build.
  • All armor pieces must have Necromancer superior runes in order to bring your health down to 55 along with the -50hp cesta.



The process of this build is basically the same as the old one. Cast Essence Bond, Balthazar's Spirit, and Mending Before battle and let your energy recharge. As you aggro your target cast Protective Spirit and Healing Breeze. Once your target attacks cast Spiteful Spirit and shortly after, Insidious Parasite on a different enemy. If the target group is large enough they will start taking turns attacking. If you are taking to much damage at once, cast Spirit Bond to keep your health in the clear.


  • Single enchantment removal (i.e. Shatter Enchantment) can be surived by using Spirit Bond to cover the vital enchantments, Protective Spirit and Healing Breeze.
  • Conditions also pose a threat to any 55. Stack too many and you will negate your health regeneration. You can survive with no regen by using only Spirit Bond.
  • Death penalty can be used to your advantage. Carry one extra piece of armor with a major rune. This will bring your health to 23 when you equip it with 15% Death penalty. You will take only 2 damage per hit using protective spirit, and mending's +3 regen can withstand 3 hits per second without even using healing breeze. If you die again you can simply remove a piece of armor when you resurrect (or you can carry another spare without runes). With 30% DP this will put you at 26hp.
  • Be very careful of interrupting attacks from warriors, an example is Mountain Trolls' Disrupting Chop. This is especially dangerous as it adds 20 second cool down to the recharge of the affected spell, if this hits on Protective Spirit or Healing Breeze it can leave you dead in seconds.
  • Skills that steal health or cause you to lose health, as they do not inflict any damage that Protective Spirit could reduce.



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