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This Necromancer uses Blood Magic to spread health degen, support spikes and harass melee fighers. To be ran instead of a Blinding Surge elementalist

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/Rt Blood=11+1 curses=11+1+1 soulre=8+1 resto=3][Offering of Blood][Life Siphon][Strip Enchantment][optional][Faintheartedness][Defile Defenses][Barbed Signet][Flesh of My Flesh][/build]

  • PvP versions of skills: [[Flesh of My Flesh (PvP)@3]


  • Oppressive Gaze [[Oppressive Gaze@12] condition spam with a bit of damage.
  • Enfeeble [[Enfeeble (PvP)@13] fast casting weakness to disrupt a spike.



  • Full Survivor's, Tormentor's Insignias or Blessed Insignias, Rune of Sup Vigor.
  • 40/40 Curses.
  • 40/40 Blood Magic
  • Standard Defensive Sets.


  • Maintain Barbed Signet.
  • Use Life Siphon to spread health degen.
  • Use Strip Enchantment as a spike support and for general annoyance.
  • Use faintheartedness and your weakness skill as anti-melee.
  • Defile Defenses as a cover hex and to harass blockers.
  • Use OoB for energy.


Cultist&#039;s Fervor Life Siphon Strip Enchantment Barbed Signet Oppressive Gaze Enfeeble Dark Fury Flesh of My Flesh


  • General Anti-Caster.
  • interrupts.
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