Use Barbed Signet to facilitate Discord/Necrosis spiking. Play in human dominated parties or back yourself up with heroes in dedicated support roles while personally dishing out damage approaching that of a Discordway team. Alternately, act as marker with a full Discordway team for massive spike damage.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/? blo=9+1 death=12+1+3 sou=9+1 cur=3][Discord][Optional][Optional][Barbed Signet][Necrosis][Optional]["Finish Him!"][Optional][/build]

  • Optional Optional Slot 2 and 3 Curses:
    • Parasitic Bond [[Parasitic Bond@16]. Cheap, long lasting, very fast recharge.
    • Vile Miasma [[Vile Miasma@16]. Extra spike damage when setting up attack chain.
    • Putrid Bile [[Putrid Bile@16]. Pressure and AoE damage.
    • Blood Bond [[Blood Bond@10]. Cheap allied minion/melee heal support.
    • Pain Inverter [[Pain Inverter]. Anti-AoE and boss spiking.
    • Web of Disruption [[Web of Disruption]. Double duty interrupt and hex.
    • Ethereal Burden [[Ethereal Burden@1]. Snare.
    • Grasping Earth [[Grasping Earth@1]. PBAoE snare.
    • Chilling Winds [[Chilling Winds@0]. Long lasting cheap hex.
    • Overload [[Overload@0]. Cheap,fast recharge and cast, but very short. Great for very experienced teams.
    • Optional Additional utility skill if picking Parasitic Bond. See slot 8.

  • Optional Optional Slot 6 backup condition marker:
    • Enfeeble [[Enfeeble@3] Fast cast and long lasting.
    • Enfeebling Blood [[Enfeebling Blood@3] Area condition at the cost of hp. Basically free on energy.
    • Weaken Armor [[Weaken Armor@3] Essentially just a lesser enfeeble.

  • Optional Optional Slot 8 utility:
    • Signet of Lost Souls [[Signet of Lost Souls@10]. Energy management.
    • Signet of Corruption [[Signet of Corruption]. Energy management and AoE damage.
    • Shadow Sanctuary [[Shadow Sanctuary]. Emergency heal.
    • Signet of Stamina [[Signet of Stamina@0]. HP boost.
    • Optional Res, death magic, interrupt, condition removal, or faction title skill.


Equipment Edit

+60 health +17 energy weapon/focus set.
Survivor runes.
Vigor/Vitae runes in free slots.

Usage Edit

Activate Barbed Signet before approaching the enemy. Hex a target, then alternate between Discord and Necrosis until either Barbed Signet runs out or you need to reapply a hex. Use "Finish Him!" to speed up your kills against heavily damaged targets or bosses, use the backup condition marker against immune to bleeding foes, and use Necrosis against spell immune foes. Soul Reaping spiked enemies should keep you energized for most fights even without energy management skills.

Your non Necromancer hexes will not trigger Barbed Signet's bleeding effect, but Discord will trigger bleeding before its damage is applied, so the attack sequence remains unchanged.

Counters Edit

Heavy hex removal

Fragility hybrid variant Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/Me ill=8 blo=9+1 death=11+1+3 sou=8+1 cur=1][Discord][Optional][Fragility][Barbed Signet][Necrosis][Optional]["Finish Him!"][Optional][/build]


Usage Edit

Functions in the same way as the main variant. Fragility causes additional area damage when combined with Fevered Dreams or Searing Heat heroes and slightly boosts your first Discord attack. Due to Fragility and the ease of reapplying bleeding, fast enemy condition removal actually makes you more effective. Finish Him! also triggers Fragility twice in addition to its usual damage.

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