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This build has been designed for the following use:

Uses terrain exploits and the elite skill Spoil Victor to farm elite tomes from several bosses in Hard Mode. So far it can successfully farm Elite Ranger, Elementalist, Ritualist, Necromancer and Monk tomes.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=Nec/any Blood=11+1+3 Curses=9+3 Death=3+3 Soul=6+3][Awaken the Blood][Spoil Victor@17][Price of Failure@14][Necrosis][Optional][Optional][Optional][Consume Corpse][/build] </pvxbig>

  • This leaves you with enough attribute points to set any other attribute at 9. Fill the optional slots with whatever suits you best for the boss you are farming.

Equipment Edit

  • Armor
    • Anything will do. It doesn't have to be max.
      • For some bosses, you will want a second set of high-health, max armor, for safely pulling the bosses out of their groups.
  • Runes & Insignias
    • Use 5 Superior Runes (one for each attribute and one extra).
    • Use 5 Radiant Insignias.
  • Weapons

Usage Edit

  • Run around mobs and towards the boss.
  • When you get to the boss, hide behind the terrain and cast Awaken the Blood. While still staying behind the terrain you plan to use, cast Spoil Victor and Price of Failure and spam other attacks.
  • If the boss drops anything, use Consume Corpse to teleport in and grab their drops before any foes that may spawn start attacking you.

Soloable Bosses Edit

Chkkr Thousand Tail Ranger-icon-small Edit

Chkkr Thousand Tail map

map to Chkkr Thousand Tail

Byzzr Wingmender Monk-icon-small Edit


map to Byzzr Wingmender

Chkkr Brightclaw Ritualist-icon-small Edit

Chkkr Brightclaw map location

Map to Chkkr Brightclaw.

Craw Stonereap Necromancer-icon-small Edit

Craw Stonereap map

Map to Craw Stonereap.

Zarnas Stonewrath Elementalist-icon-small Edit

Zarnas Stonewrath map

Map to Zarnas Stonewrath.

Keshel the Voracious Monk-icon-small Edit

Keshel the Voracious map

Map to Keshel the Voracious.


Ritualist's Construct Ritualist-icon-small Edit

Ritualist&#039;s Construct map

Map to Ritualist's Construct.

(note- experienced players can lure boss with ease, in 55hp armor)

Zelnehlun Fastfoot Ranger-icon-small Edit

Counters Edit

  • Waiting too long to cast Consume Corpse (when pop-ups are present).
  • Knockdowns when trying to run past Wardens near Craw Stonereap.

Notes Edit

  • This build uses the terrain exploit concept, and will only work with bosses who can be exploited through this concept.

See also Edit

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