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This Hero Minion Bomber utilizes the Hero AI to deal high armor-ignoring AoE damage and degeneration through the use of Death Nova on its dying Minions.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/any death=12+1+3 soul=8+1][Jagged Bones@18][Animate Bone Minions@18][Death Nova@18][Masochism@11][Optional][optional][optional][optional][/build] </pvxbig> These are the common skills in all Jagged Bomber builds. However, there is a large number of specific variants to fill the optional slots:

  • Necromancer-icon-small/Monk-icon-small Protective Bomber
  • Necromancer-icon-small/Monk-icon-small Dwayna's Bomber
  • Necromancer-icon-small/Monk-icon-small Honor Bomber
  • Necromancer-icon-small/Ritualist-icon-small Splinter Bomber
  • Necromancer-icon-small/Asterisk Painful Bomber
  • Necromancer-icon-small/Asterisk Bloodied Bomber

Specific Variants

Protective Bomber

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/mo death=12+1+3 soul=8+1 prot=10][Jagged Bones@18][Animate Bone Minions@18][Death Nova@18][Masochism@11][Optional][Protective Spirit][Aegis][Signet of Lost Souls@11][/build] </pvxbig> Optional Optional slot for:

Dwayna's Bomber

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/mo death=12+1+3 soul=8+1 heal=10][Jagged Bones@18][Animate Bone Minions@18][Death Nova@18][Masochism@11][Optional][Foul Feast@11][Dwayna's Sorrow][Infuse Condition@18][/build] </pvxbig> Optional Optional slot for:

Honor Bomber

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/mo death=12+1+3 soul=8+1 smiting=10][Jagged Bones@18][Animate Bone Minions@18][Death Nova@18][Masochism@11][Optional][Smite Hex][Strength of Honor][Signet of Lost Souls@11][/build] </pvxbig> Optional Optional slot for:

Splinter Bomber

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/rt death=12+1+3 soul=8+1 channel=10][Jagged Bones@18][Animate Bone Minions@18][Death Nova@18][Masochism@11][optional][splinter weap][Ancestors rage][Flesh of My Flesh][/build] </pvxbig> Optional Optional slot for:

Painful Bomber

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/any death=12+1+3 soul=8+1 curses=10+1][Jagged Bones@18][Animate Bone Minions@18][Death Nova@18][Masochism@11][optional][barbs][mark of pain][Signet of lost souls@11][/build] </pvxbig> Optional Optional slot for:

Bloodied Bomber

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/any death=12+1+3 soul=8+1 blood=10+1][Jagged Bones@18][Animate Bone Minions@18][Death Nova@18][Masochism@11][optional][Oppressive Gaze][Blood Bond][Mark of Fury][/build] </pvxbig> Optional Optional slot for:


  • Armor:
    • Survivor Insignias, one Bloodstained Insignia the on hands, head or feet, a Rune of Vigor and Runes of Vitae.
  • Weapons:
    • A Hale/Adept Death Magic Staff of Fortitude inscribed with "Aptitude not Attitude".


  • Put this hero on Hero command Guard guard mode.
  • Let it do the micro-management work. Otherwise:
    • Create Minions with Animate Bone Minions whenever there's a corpse available.
    • Enchant them with Jagged Bones and Death Nova on your low-Health Minions.
      • Disable Death Nova outside of battle.



  • No corpses or corpse denial.
  • Generic anti-caster counter.

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